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Welcome to The House Of The Lord website! We want to thank you for this opportunity to share with you the exciting things the Lord is doing in our lives and to minister to you out of the abundance of His grace and love. In this site you will find a large supply of information concerning the revelation of Jesus Christ and His plan for the ages, culminating in the ultimate salvation of all mankind. Please feel free to download any of our materials and give them to the Body of Christ, as long as they are not sold or the content changed. Thank you for visiting and we pray God's richest blessings into your life.









MOM 051 End of Self by Charlotte A. Torango

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The House That God Built

Volume One: DNA The Book of Life

Volume One of  Bob Torango's writing series: "The House That God Built" has been bound in book form.

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The House That God Built Volume 3
Chapter 1
“RNA - The Priesthood Of The Cell”

Chapter 2
“Building The House”
"The Word Expressed"




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Newest Series!

A Time Of Trumpets Part One - The Change Of Order And Ministry

A Time Of Trumpets Part Two - The Trumpets Of The Ages

A Time Of Trumpets Part Three - Learning How To Rule And Reign With Christ

A Time Of Trumpets Part Four - Experiencing The "Much More" In Christ

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A Time Of Trumpets Part Six - Spirits Of Just Men Made Perfect

The House That God Built Volume 2 - The Cell is now available on an ongoing basis in Newsletter form! We will be posting each chapter right here as it is written. Click below for an Introduction.

The House That God Built Volume 2 "The Cell" Introduction - The True Pattern Of The Tabernacle By Bob Torango

Chapter 2 - DNA Is Building The House.

Chapter 3 - The Organism Of Christ.

Chapter4r - A Celebration Of The Feast Of Tabernacles.

Chapter 5 - Cell Security - The Cell Membrane

Chapter 6 - Music & Light - The Language Of The Cell

Chapter 7 - It Is Written Of Me!

Chapter  8 - Cellular Differentiation

Chapter 9 - Conception

Chapter 10 - In The Image And Likeness Of God

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