Volume 2, Chapter 3

The Cell

The Organism Of Christ

By Bob Torango

1 Cor 12:12

12 For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body , being many, are one body : so also is Christ.

 Eph 4:4-6

4 There is one body , and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling;

5 One Lord, one faith, one baptism,

6 One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.


            The Body of Christ is, essentially, a Living Organism of Christ, a flowing, moving expression of the nature and character of the Living Christ and is that vehicle which God has ordained to reveal the intent and purpose of the Father toward His creation. It is vital for us today to receive a revelation and an insight as to how the Organism of Christ is to function in the earth and how it ministers to all the members that make up this living entity. To be truthful, the modern church is not a fit representation of such a glorious reality of Christ and His Kingship and Lordship. The present religious system that calls itself, “The Church”, is a dead, stagnant compilation of laws and regulations, which is steeped in elements of methodology, psychology, salesmanship, competitive marketing, capitalism, political intrigue, backbiting, competitiveness, ministerial prostitution, pillaging, hatred, lust, self-worship, celebrity imaging, demigod positioning and many more man-made characteristics that works toward mutating the original message and intent of Jesus, the Christ.

            The scriptural description of the Body of Christ is not one of religious, inbred divisions, wherein there is no flow of life and glory from one part to another, but the scriptures give an imagery of a vibrant, life-giving, flowing, organic Body, which is able to function in unity and oneness throughout all of its vast and differentiated members. The true Organism of Christ is a divine expression of such harmony and diversity as would cause all men to fall down and worship the One that is the Head of such an expression.


Eph 4:15-16

15 But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:

16 From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.


This is why our hearts break in two when we see what has befallen the people of God that are eating of the filth and corruption of the political priesthood of a Babylonian system such as is seen everywhere today. There are those that are unbelievably faithful to these systems, sincere believers that have been birthed and raised in Babylon and know nothing else but that false idol. Even the priests and pastors of this religious harlot are unaware of what they are serving, since they themselves have been taught the doctrines of Babylon and now they are only puppets of the system. The ministers of the present church system are the genetic offspring which have been birthed from the damaged gene of an anti-christ nature, the mark of the beast that has corrupted the original genetic marker of Christ and has presented an alternative, false image of the religious Dragon which gives power to the false prophet and the beast which operates through the carnal mind of man. This damaged, mutated gene is ancient, going all the way back to the garden of Eden and has been the driving force in dragging mankind into the delusional world of the Dragon, which seeks to steal the souls of God’s creation.

However, the Great and Mighty God of our salvation has a plan! He will not leave our soul in hell, neither will He suffer His Holy One to see corruption. Our Deliverer has come, born of a virgin, raised from the dead, He became our prototype, our true, genetic DNA, our Pattern Son, the Seed of Life and out of His victory, His Body is being healed and restored. Even now, the blood of life is starting to flow and move throughout the vessels and avenues of His great Organism, bringing life to the dead cells, raising up a priesthood that is fashioned and formed after His own Priesthood, bringing out of the silence of creation a new sound, a Voice of the resurrection, a trumpet that sounds with clarity and certainty, as He forms a new expression through a Body of priests and kings that will call forth from the mountain of Zion to the prisoners of Babylon, bringing them out from despair and death, disannulling their covenant with death and bringing an end to their agreement with hell.

            It is time for us to learn our true identity in Christ, to allow the Holy Spirit to teach us the original ways of the Body of Christ and to renew in our mind and heart the organic connection we have with this great and immense Organism. We need a fresh viewpoint of what we are a part of when we say we are “in Christ.” Let us not continue to walk in Christ with the wrong thinking of the religious systems that we have come out from. One of the great, false vestiges of our former imprisonment in the mindset of Babylon is the idea that we are separate from the rest of mankind, that we are somehow a better, honored people in God than this world of sinners. Too often, our minds are still locked into an elitism that continues to tear down in us the true reason for our being born into this world at such a time as this. The ages have been waiting for a generation of messengers to arrive and make an appearance that will begin to vivify the rest of the Organism of Christ. The people of the Lord that are still in the Egyptian stronghold of Babylon are starving, being fed garbage and maggot-riddled bread that has been presented to them as the Bread of Life, but it is really made up of the old, molded sermons of idolatry that is served to them on silver trays by the merchants of the Dragon. These poor saints are drinking from the golden chalice of a Harlot system and being told it is the blood of Christ, whereas they are actually drinking the blood of the martyrs of Christ, which the Whore of Babylon makes all of her subjects drink in an unthinkable recycling of their own despair. Now is the time for this to end! Now is the time for you and me to see the vision of an ORGANISM, not an organization of man’s idea of religious doctrines and self perpetuation, but a Living Entity of the Anointed One.

            I know we all have used the term, “The Body of Christ” all of our lives, and we have all ministered on its various aspects and functions, but in light of the misrepresentation of the religious systems of today, I believe we need to see this term in a new light. Since we are writing on the awesome subject of “The House That God Built”, I would like to focus our attention on another term, to be used as a clarifying description of what the biblical authors first meant by the word, “Body.” This term is “ORGANISM” and there are certain elements to this new term that I want to draw our attention to. First, the term “Organism” denotes an obviously descriptive element that will give us a greater understanding of how the Body of Christ is to function and flow, through many members but as One Entity. In this study, we are revealing the True House that God built, and He built this House, our physical body, in a very particular order of construction, which we also see in the pattern of the assembly and disassembly of the Tabernacle of Moses, as the people of Israel moved from one location to another, having to assemble the tent and the articles of the tent each time they camped and then had to repack the tent and the articles each time they moved. The Tabernacle was assembled from the Holiest Place, outward, with the ark of the covenant being the first item and then assembling the rest of the Tabernacle in an outward procession, Holiest of All, The Holy Place, The Outer Court. Even so, we are writing this volume of work according to that same pattern. Volume One covered the DNA, the Ark of the human cell, found in the Nucleolus of the cell, the most inner sanctum of our cellular tabernacle. Now, we are moving into the relationship between the Holy Place of the cell, the Nucleus and the Outer Court of the cell, the Cytoplasm. This three prong approach to covering this subject is in keeping with the 3 dimensions that God has used as a pattern throughout the birth and development of His creation, which has been illustrated for us by the institution of the Feasts of Israel, numbering three, Passover, Pentecost, Tabernacles. Rather than seeing these as three separate Feasts, we should see them as a continuum of God's dealing with His creation, 3 stages, or dimensions, of experiencing the fullness of Christ, in God the Father.

            The human cell is in itself an ORGANISM, since an organism can be defined as a cooperation of living elements that join themselves together to form organs, which may then join themselves to form systems of organs, which then join themselves to form an ORGANISM. The more elements that are involved in making up the organism, the more complex and higher on the ladder of life that organism is placed. The human body is a very complex organism, and is built from the cell upward. Our study is based upon this formula.

2 strands of DNA, one from the mother’s egg, one from the father’s sperm, join together to form a cell. From that singular cell, 100 trillion cells are produced, which form together to form organs. Those organs join with other organs to become systems. Those systems join together to form the entire Organism. However, it all starts with the organism of the cell and that is our key to understanding the Organism of Christ. The Organism that is Christ does not rely upon church buildings, or a doctrinal platform to exist, it is based upon one person at a time, with a divine principle of a residing Book of Life from which all the people of the Lord are made from.

            If you will allow me the freedom to do so, I will describe the biblical story of sin and salvation through the allegory of the human body as it illustrates the Body of Christ. The Organism of Christ began with a strand of spiritual DNA in God, which was Christ, The Word. That Word joined itself to the spirit of man, in Christ, in God. Out of that spiritual union, mankind was formed, which became the Organism of God, made in His image and His likeness. That Organism was mutated in the garden through a designed disobedience, which produced a virus called sin, which infected the entire race of mankind. In order to free His Organism from sin, the Father sent His Son, Jesus, as an anti-body to the viral infection of sin, which is done away in Christ. The virus of sin brought physical death into the Organism, but the anti-body of Christ has negated that viral death, making it of no effect. In the organism of the human body, a virus is introduced into the organism and then it attaches itself to a normal cell. The virus has no power of life on its own, but it is a lie, an adversary that operates and exists by deceiving the normal cell into becoming its host. The virus operates just like the Enemy of our faith operates, through lies and deception, preying upon our own carnal mind to give a place to him and let him abide in us, as we become the host of his deception. In the human body, when a virus attaches itself to a human cell, it uses enzymes to eat through the protective cellular membrane and the virus then injects the cell with its viral RNA, (a form of DNA which we will discuss later in this study) which then eats its way through the nuclear membrane and then through the membrane of the nucleolus, the Holiest of All of the cell. Here, it incorporates its genetic material into the DNA of the cell, re-writing the genetic instructions of the cell, and the virus is now in control of the cell, having established its viral government in the throne of the cell, which then begins to mass produce copies of the viral organism, which brings death and sickness to other cells. This is the biological process of sickness and disease in the human body and it is the process by which the Body of Christ becomes sick and diseased, beginning with a single cell and then running amuck throughout the Organism.

Ah, but don't despair dear ones, for the Master Biological Engineer has not left His Body defenseless to this enemy, for as we have mentioned, cells form with other cells to form organs and those organs join with other organs to form systems, and those systems join with other systems to form the Organism. This glorious House that our God has built with such love and care has been built with a particular system of cells and organs that will come to our rescue. This system is our immune system and it has the cure for the disease. Other cells in the organism are defenseless to the attacks of pathogens and bacteria, but the cells of the immune system are trained and equipped from their infancy to attack and destroy all agents of death and they have the ability to mass produce their numbers when they finally break the  cellular code in the invaders genetic makeup. God, in His infinite wisdom and knowledge has designed these viral agents of disease to be marked on their cellular membrane with a distinctive marker, which identifies them as Non-Self. This cellular marker of the virus reminds me of what Paul instructed all believers to do. He mentions 2 different “marks” to be used by the church to make a distinction between those that were following Christ and those that had become “infected” and are not following Christ.


Rom 16:17-18

17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.

18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.  KJV

 Phil 3:17-19

17 Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample.

18(For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ:

19 Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.)


As you can see, this follows precisely the pattern of how our physical body finds and deals with an invader of our organism. Every normal cell of your body contains a “self antigen”, which it expresses through its external membrane. It creates a distinct pattern of knobs or notches on the cells external wall, which identifies it as being a part of the host Organism. This is extremely important for us to understand! As our physical body has this built in genetic identity of SELF versus NON-SELF, even so, the Body of Christ also has this same “CHRIST-SELF” built into all creation. Once a normal cell succumbs to a viral infection, it then is transformed by the viral RNA into a state of “MISSING SELF”, which is a scientific term for this phenomenon! How true that rings for the people of the world that are living as spiritually un-regenerated, separated from the Christ Life. These have been infected by the ancient “virus” of sin and are now in a state of “MISSING SELF”, or in the case of our spiritual journey, they are now identified as a person who is living in a state of “MISSING CHRIST”, walking through this world under the influence and power of the spirit of disobedience, principalities and powers of the spirit dimension. Again, the virus itself if identified as “NON-SELF” but the infected cell is now identified as “MISSING SELF.” It has not been classified as not being of the “SELF” organism, but it is now existing as a host of the virus, without the ability to remember who it was before the infection. There are multitudes of people today that have lost their memory of their lineage in Christ, before the world began, so they are acting out of another nature, the nature of the Fallen Man, but inside of them, the original DNA of their true “Christ-SELF” still resides, but it is inactive by reason of their sin-infection. These are not lost! They are “MISSING-SELF” in Christ. Do you see how this is being played out in this most crucial of ages? Babylon has infected its multitude of “host believers” with its self-propagating genetic material, which causes the captivated person to now become a prisoner of the organism of the Great Whore. This is the present state of our fellow cells of the Organism of Christ. However, God is even now preparing a chosen generation of priests and kings to become transformed from the image of the earthy into the image of the heavenly, which is a return to the original “CHRIST-SELF” which will then be mass produced in every man until ALL has been restored back into the One from which all mankind came.

The immune system depends upon specialized cells, called Lymphocytes, to defend the integrity of the organism. There are two main types of Lymphocytes used in this example of defending the body from non-self invaders. These 2 types are known as B Cells and T Cells. B Cells are produced in the bone marrow, where they reside as “Baby B Cells”. Eventually, they migrate from the bone marrow as “Immature B Cells”, which are non-activated in this early stage. Some of these travel to the Spleen gland, where they are matured and put through an extensive learning process, wherein they are taught the difference between cells that are “SELF” and cells that are “NON-SELF”. In this process, they are presented with normal cells, with normal markers on their cellular membrane. If the B Cell shows aggression toward any of the normal cells, they are destroyed! It would be a catastrophe if any of the B Cells were loosed in the blood stream of the organism with a damaged discernment between what is “SELF” and “NON-SELF” so the Spleen has a mechanism which it uses to assure that only “NON-SELF” cells or damaged cells attract the Lymphocytes to them. The T Cells, or Killer T Cells, go through the same kind of examination and learning process, except this occurs at the Thymus gland, which is why it is named a T Cell.

There are 3 stages of the development of the B and T cells from being sent forth from the Spleen and Thymus gland into the blood stream, to be activated by the immune response. 1. “naive cells” that have matured, left the bone marrow or thymus, have entered the lymphatic system, but that have yet to encounter their designated anti-body marker. 2. “effector cells” that have been activated by their designated anti-body marker, and are actively involved in eliminating a pathogen. 3. “memory cells” – the long-lived survivors of past infections.

Definitions taken directly from Wikepedia

 Can you apply these terms to those in the Body of Christ that you have taken note of and can you discern which stage of development they are at in becoming the “Defenders of the Faith?” I know many “naïve” Christians today that are just going from one gathering to another, enjoying the fellowship, listening to the word, singing the songs, but they have no idea what they are becoming in Christ. They are “naïve” when it comes to their place in the Body of Christ. I know others that have become initiated into the Sacred Secret of their calling and they are being “effective” in their love and care of the Organism, laying down their lives for the good of the whole. These are ministering the Word of God and are “hitting the mark” in their message and life, having an effect upon the Body by their effectual life-prayer. I also know those in the Body of Christ that are what we would call, “Old Heads”, not in a derisive way, but in honor of their long years of service, having ministered through many different times and seasons without compromise or variance of the Truth they have received from the Father. They are those that “remember” the ways of the Lord and help to keep the Body of believers reminded of the Foundations upon which the Faith is built. These keep to the course of the spirit, not swayed by every wind of doctrine, they keep the Body pointed toward the glory and power of the Kingdom of God, not the kingdom of men.

The T Cells of the immune system response are known as “Killer T Cells” as they differ from the B Cells in that they are the final solution to the problem of the invader. They are a disciplined and mature response to a crisis of the organism and are programmed to swallow up all agents of death. I liken these cellular warriors unto the warrior Priest/King ministry that are arrayed in battle gear and ready to take the Kingdom by cleansing the heavens and spoiling all principalities and powers that have had God’s people in bondage. The T Cell, or as my wife, Charlotte, terms it, The Truth Cell, does indeed have the commission of the Organism to protect the integrity of the Organism. We are not fighting against flesh and blood, meaning we are not battling people themselves, but we are tearing down strongholds in spiritual high places, uprooting generational bondages, purifying the heavenly atmosphere of the Kingdom of God and conquering ancient thrones and dominions. Addictions, hurtful psychological scars, mental disease, will all yield to this Order of Priest/King. The Organism of Christ has been left defenseless to these hordes of affliction because there has not been an answer for them in the church realm. The religious church can only try to cover over the outward effects of these maladies, but never touching the root, cellular level of the problem. Now, there is a Word being formed in the hearts of a chosen priesthood of ministry, that will bind up the broken hearted, bring hope to the hopeless, give life to the lifeless and cause Zion to sing her song again. Without the immune response of the Organism, the whole entity will become sick and weak, filled with malignancy and cancerous growths. It is the time for the Immune Response to come forth from us, dear ones! Let us come into our place in the Lord, present ourselves to Him anew and receive from Him our awakening into our original mission statement in Christ.

Once the anti-body finds the unique “non-self” or “missing-self” marker residing on the outer cellular membrane structure of the virus or its infected host cells, the anti-body attaches itself to the non-self entity. As amazing as it may sound, each anti-body of the immune system has gone through a process of intense schooling, whereby the anti-body has a catalog within its memory that contains the entire list of every cellular marker within all 100 trillion cells. You, my dear friend, have an the entire doctrine, or constitution, of Christ within you, whether you know it or not, but we have not availed ourselves to the “school” of the Lord to teach us what is truly TRUE and what is truly FALSE when it comes to the genetic makeup of Christ. But, we are now starting to be put through such a process of discernment and judgment. Once the antibody finds a non-self marker, then the marker is copied by the anti-body, much like one might take a key and make a mold of the shape of the notches, then take it to a key maker to make copies of that key, so the antibody passes on that viral marker and “flags” the infected cell. That genetic key is then taken to the bone marrow where it is used to mass produce anti-bodies that are specifically activated to become “hunters” of any cells that bear that genetic signature. This immune response can also be initiated by the introduction of a vaccine into the Organism. This is how Polio has been held at bay and many other infectious diseases, by solving the genetic code for each disease type and then using dead viral cells, they inject a healthy body with the harmless viral cells and the immune response produces defenders of that particular type of virus, which in turn causes the new antibodies to patrol the organism looking for any invader that has that particular marker, which if it encounters such a viral cell, it will flag it and bring an end to its invasion. One of the more amazing truths that we can apply this biological process unto in Christ, is that Jesus became our immune response by overcoming death, hell and the grave. 


Col 2:13-15

13 And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath he quickened together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses;

14 Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross;

15 And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.  KJV


            Jesus has become as us, to deliver us from the infection of death, by reason of His victory over death. He has possessed the “code” of death and has given to us the Keys of that Code as Kingdom Keys. We are the offspring of that Truth Cell that Jesus became and now we are being placed in front of His throne, in the throne room of God, as judgment comes to all of the deliverers to qualify them as fit to judge with the righteous judgment of God. God judges through love, not bitterness or hate. The cells of the Organism of Christ have to be judged by the “Christ-Self”, so the infected, host cells of sin and death can die to that false, viral nature and be raised to life into the original Nature of Christ. Since Jesus has the Keys, He is able to raise us from the deadness of our viral life and bring us into resurrection, birthing us into His Life.

In the same vein of hope and encouragement, we see how sick the Organism of Christ is at this time, paralyzed with divisions and strife, organs of ministry pitted against other organs of ministry, this group of believers battling that group of believers, all of the parts cut off from one another, putrefying sores that won’t heal, wounds that will not mend, cells that are being taken over and reprogrammed from their original identity with Christ. Baptist against Pentecostal, Pentecostal against Catholics, Catholics against Episcopalians and so on. It gets worse, when you consider that not only is it Baptist against Pentecostal, but it is Baptist against other Baptists, Southern against Missionary, and Pentecostal Church of God against Assembly of God and so on. It is an insanity that has infected every organ of the Body of Christ, but God is forming an organism within the Organism, a system within the systems of this great Organism, that will bring restoration and life to this groaning creation. 144,000 overcoming agents of Christ, Light-Bearers of that True Light, Heralds of a New Day, they are being fitted and equipped with the genetic code of the virus of death and they will be put on open display by their Father to bring life and light throughout this great Organism of Christ. These are heirs of the Kingdom, a man-child order that is even now in the Throne Room, being transformed and transfigured into that divine, genetic code of The Son, taking on His glory, being changed at the very foundational root of their existence. The viral instructions that have resided in them, as it has in all men, is being confronted and removed, leaving behind the original genetic code that contains the very essence of their Father, a grand restorative act of mind, heart, soul and body.

There is no exemptions from this divisive nature of a sick organism, not even amongst those that have come into a deeper understanding of God’s plan of salvation for all men. We are just as divisive as the denominations of the harlot church system! Right now, we have a Heinz 57 variety of so called, “Kingdom Groups”, which has caused confusion and disorientation throughout the ranks of those that have come out from the Babylonian systems into what we thought would be a harmonious and loving organism of reconciliation and truth, a veritable paradise of loving, caring believers who have the keys of God’s kingdom in their heart and mind. Hah! It is hardly that, for those that have left the walled cities of Babylon, only to find themselves in a desert of seclusion, with no fellowship or contact from anyone that resembles a harmonious Organism of Christ. What we have come to find in our Kingdom groups are the same infectious traits of organized religion, such as envy, jealousy, meanness, murderous words, divisions over the most minute differences. It hurts and embarrasses me to have to say it, but it must be said in order for us to be healed and return back to our roots in Christ. There are far too many cases in this word of Truth and Reconciliation where love is only a word, a term that is used to grease the palm of others, a conman’s tool to gain the confidence of the unsuspecting and the innocent. There are just as many agendas in our circles as there are in the competitive ranks of the religious charlatans, hidden intentions, drawing aside the weak and the young in order to prey upon them and bring them under control. God help us! We cannot continue down this path of thinking, where we think we are the only ones that God is moving through, or that He has verified to be His spokesperson. The true Organism of Christ is so vast, so far beyond what we have thought was the bonafide and exclusive company of true believers that it would cause us to have a brain freeze if we only knew how inclusive the Organism of God truly is.

Just so it is plain as to where I am speaking from, when it comes to the Organism of Christ, I want us to know that there can be any number of individual organisms within the total Organism. Just as I have written in the beginning of this chapter, our total Organism of our human body includes over 100 trillion cells and each cell has the characteristics to be termed an organism. Within each cell, there are cellular “organelles”, which are microscopic organs, which operate within the cellular membrane, keeping the cell functioning through an economy of energy transfer, nutritional intake, garbage pickup and removal, building and maintaining the cellular organism, all of which operates in the exact manner of union and harmony as the larger organism that it is a part of. Each cellular organism has an innate knowledge of being a member of a much larger entity than itself, which causes it to have a sense of “self”, belonging to that larger “self” that it functions within. If an individual cell never physically comes into contact with other cells of that organism, such as the heart cell never having any real contact from a toe cell, it still has a sense of each part of the organism. That sense of the larger “self” comes from the common genetic identity each cell shares with the original strand of DNA from which each cell was formed. This familial relationship each cell shares is what causes our cells to give themselves to more than just a cellular existence, but it is wholeheartedly involved in an organic existence, which is the nature of Christ, to be organic and to have constant flow and movement throughout the organism that Christ is.

As we read the following scripture, I would like for us to see how far the Organism of Christ reaches, far beyond the form and structure of the church as we know it to be.


Col 1:15-20

15[Now] He is the exact likeness of the unseen God [the visible representation of the invisible]; He is the Firstborn of all creation.

16 For it was in Him that all things were created, in heaven and on earth, things seen and things unseen, whether thrones, dominions, rulers, or authorities; all things were created and exist through Him [by His service, intervention] and in and for Him.

17 And He Himself existed before all things, and in Him all things consist (cohere, are held together). [Prov 8:22-31.]

18 He also is the Head of [His] body, the church; seeing He is the Beginning, the Firstborn from among the dead, so that He alone in everything and in every respect might occupy the chief place [stand first and be preeminent].

19 For it has pleased [the Father] that all the divine fullness (the sum total of the divine perfection, powers, and attributes) should dwell in Him permanently.

20 And God purposed that through ( by the service, the intervention of) Him [the Son] all things should be completely reconciled back to Himself, whether on earth or in heaven, as through Him, [the Father] made peace by means of the blood of His cross. AMP


There is no doubt that although the church is an organism in Christ, it is not the total Organism that is held together and contained by the Christ. Case in point, the Bride of Christ is an organism, the Sons of God ministry is an organism, the church offices of maintenance and perfection are an organism, all of which make up together, the ORGANISM. What does the Organism of Christ entail? Everything seen and everything not seen, earth and heaven along with all that they contain, all powers everywhere, all creation everywhere, both which we know about and the much more infinite amount of creation that we know nothing about, it is all serviced and intervened upon by the systematic relationship of the unsearchable riches which make up this colossal Organism, Christ. Realizing how truly small we are in comparison to the totality of the Organism of Christ, reminds me of the blow that the ego of mankind took when they realized the earth was not the center of our solar system, that the sun DID NOT revolve around the earth, as our ego tried to deceive us into believing, but our earth revolves around the sun, as did all the other planets in our system. Ah, did you notice that same word again, “SYSTEM”, which is also used in describing the symbiotic relationship that certain organs develop with other organs that function together in a complementary manner, thus creating a “system” of organs, a mini-organism that serves the larger Organism. So, perhaps we can see how you can go to the most tiniest of all structures, the atom, and see how it functions as an organism, a system of protons and neutrons, quarks and whatever else there is within that organism, which then functions with other atomic organisms to give structure and function to the planetary systems themselves. Thus, we see organisms, within organisms, systems within systems, all having been created IN Christ, not just for Christ, or by Christ, but IN Christ, being the Body of Christ, which includes the Church, but also includes ALL Systems and Organisms throughout God’s vast creation.

Well, that adds a little wood to the fire, doesn’t it? So, dear child of God, you thought the sole purpose of our ministry of life and reconciliation was to just develop the most perfect, tidy set of theological truisms we could muster up, try to talk about this grand scheme of the ages with at least enough intelligence that we would not be laughed off the stage of religious higher thinking and try to convert as many of those poor Denominational Christians as we could before we retired to our home in the sky? Is that really how shallow and self-contained our vision has been concerning the Body of Christ? I would hope not. However, as always with such a God of Wonders, what we have seen concerning the Church and the Body of Christ is about as short-sighted as the view that the un-hatched chick has concerning the organism it is involved in, the inside of the egg. That egg represents how little some folks have seen and comprehended when considering the Organism of Christ. But, wait, what is that I hear? A sound of pecking, I believe. An instinctual discontent to be satisfied with the world of the egg, a pounding on the walls of our perception, a frantic struggle to break out of the smallness that we have been functioning in and a gut-wrenching desire to cross over into a world of immeasurable possibilities. Oh yes, sons of God, I hear you pecking your way out of the narrowness of ourselves into that that immense height, depth, length and breadth that Christ is, I hear your cry and your groaning to come into another expression, into a realm of consequence and weight, to be able to speak to the systems of the creation of God and to bring order and Kingdom authority to bear upon all of the unbalanced systems operating within a limited life. Dare I say it? Dare I declare that our ministry of Word and Light is going to bring everything into a restitution of the ages, which will change the church, which will change the world, which will bring together both the living and the dead, those present and those absent will be ministered to out from this organism of overcomers, which in turn will infuse all men, everywhere, with the power of His resurrection. But, there is still more, faithful companions, there is far more. The Trumpet that we will blow will vibrate beyond the church, beyond the un-regenerated creatures of Adam, beyond the gates of hell and the gates of heaven, beyond the New Jerusalem, beyond the Heavenly Sanhedrin Council, reaching out to the very farthest star, the Word from behind the veil of our flesh will bring all things everywhere into the power and the economy of the Organism of Christ, which will bring all dominions, thrones, principalities, powers, authorities, celestial and terrestrial, to the farthest points of the galaxies, down to the smallest particles of the atoms, this Word will change the molecular constellation of the entire creation, animate and inanimate, organic and inorganic, there begins a FLOW from the hearts of God’s chosen creation, MAN, which is the centerpiece of all that has issued forth from the creative expression of the Father, for out of Man will come a government that will regenerate a fallen universe and birth a supernova of God-Life!

            It is not time for “small-speak,” for we are in a critical hour of God's plan that demands us to learn the language of “large-speak.” By that I mean, if we speak of these things from the perspective of our egg existence, we will never have an impact on the larger part of God’s world. I pray that our words become larger and heavier when it comes to the spiritual realities of Christ. If we only see Him as the man from Galilee, then we will only speak about a small part of what He is, but if we see Him as He IS, then our words will become larger as we start to join ourselves to His greater salvation that He has prepared for His chosen creation. Now, lest any think I am getting ahead of myself, let me say plainly, Christ died for our sins and we are the heirs of that salvation. His first restorative process is to reconstitute mankind with the original genetic DNA they partook of before the foundations of the ages, as this plan of salvation began before the age of sin and will continue on after the age of grace. In the larger picture of God’s plan for the ages, the lowly creature that is called, MAN, will become the very express image of the Father, not in a reflective way, a surface likeness and radiance, but this MAN will be tabernacled by God in the most intimate and foundational manner one could imagine. The root word for Tabernacles in the Hebrew language, gives the implication of an entwinement, a fusion of God and man, which gives rise to what is termed in the scriptures, “A New Creature” or, “A New Species of Creature.” Have no doubt, no one has ever seen anything like the New Man that is being formed in Christ, a new representation of God, both earth and heaven, both spirit and natural, both God and man, a God-man so to speak. Only this kind of systematic-organism can speak to all things from the point of redemptive man, a creature that has known both death and life and has gone to both the depths of hell and the heights of heaven. This is why the Father subjected this deformed creature to vanity, leaving him to crawl through the dust like a serpent, and to know the depths of depravity and corruption. This poor, destitute creature was going to have the distinct honor to know what it is to be totally hopeless in his mutated condition of sin and corruption, to be a prisoner of his own self-destructive nature, to live in a divided house, cursed with the knowledge of good and evil, constantly at odds with a faint, almost imperceptible urge to reconnect with his former estate in the Father and another overpowering urge to deny that relationship with an unknown god and thus causing this tragic creature to seek his own deity and self-existence. Oh yes, dear ones, this was not some whimsical punishment wrought upon this creature by a Child-God that is wreaking havoc on this MAN like a child would wreak havoc on an ant hill. There was great honor being bestowed upon this race of mankind, a love that only a God that IS LOVE could bestow upon this divided mess of mankind, for out of this hopelessness, out of the depths of this depraved earth-man, there was to come a NEW MAN in Christ, an HEIR of the riches of Christ, out of the disgustful ugliness of this dusty anomaly there would come forth a WHOLE MAN, altogether lovely, each part of his entity having come out of darkness, out of hell, out of death and now standing on Mt Zion, a Corporate Man of such beauty and grace, so altogether harmonious and lively is this New Man that the angels stand before him in heavenly admiration. Out of this Compound Man comes a voice of such multiplicity and harmonious resonance that the creation starts to hope again for the final act of union and fusion to be completed. When this New Organism begins to sound the “new sound” of a new age of consummation and completion, the heavens will begin to descend into the earth and a new heaven and a new earth will begin to form. Again, the process of restitution and reconstitution will and must begin at the atomic level and work its way outward, from the holiest of all in the very center of all things created will come forth a life-force that will ripple outward until it has touched and transformed every system and organism that makes up the totality of the Organism of Christ. Nothing will remain untouched and unchanged. Darkness, death, evil, sin, things above the earth, things in the earth, things below the earth, all will be partakers of the Divine Nature Activated by the rising of the Son.

            The totality of the Organism of Christ, the “all things” that it entails, groans for this cleansing and healing response from the priest/king organism that is being formed. Within the tables of our heart, there is contained the genetic code for the deliverance of creation. Right now, we are ministering to our particular organism and the organs and cells that make up this expression of the Early First Fruits of Christ’s victory. We are the covenantal guarantee of Christ’s power to raise up other sons in His name/nature and with His Christ expression. We will be the proof that He did not abide as a lone Seed, but that out of that First Seed, there comes the power to raise many seeds. The First Son will have a harvest of many sons, so that those sons will incorporate themselves into the manifestation of Christ in this world. I pray we will put away our childish ideas of individualized sonship and allow the Father to instruct us in the knowledge and understanding of what true sonship means, not for our own sake, but for the sake of creation.


To be continued:


Written By Robert D Torango




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