The House That God Built

Volume 2, Chapter 5

The Cell

Cell Security - The Cell Membrane

By Bob Torango

Ezek 43:10-12

 10 Thou son of man, shew the house to the house of Israel, that they may be ashamed of their iniquities: and let them measure the pattern.

 11 And if they be ashamed of all that they have done, shew them the form of the house, and the fashion thereof, and the goings out thereof, and the comings in thereof, and all the forms thereof, and all the ordinances thereof, and all the forms thereof, and all the laws thereof: and write it in their sight, that they may keep the whole form thereof, and all the ordinances thereof, and do them.

 12 This is the law of the house; Upon the top of the mountain the whole limit thereof round about shall be most holy. Behold, this is the law of the house.  KJV


It is incumbent upon me to show to the people of God the fashion, form and function of the House built without hands, the human body. This is more than a biology lesson. It is a revelation of the true fashion, form and function of the spiritual House of Christ Jesus. In the beginning, all things were created by the Master Architect, God Almighty. He created all things in this earthly dimension as a mirror image of Himself, giving everything a double identity, an earthly image and a spiritual image. From the mighty oceans to the vast desert lands, from the stars to the microbe, God embossed His own image and likeness upon each element of His creation with the indelible signature of His divine self, illustrating His most intimate secrets in a multiplicity of animate and inanimate elements in the world that we live in. The religious church systems have been blinded from seeing this divine connection, by reason of fear and ignorance concerning the constantly enlightening advances of the scientific fields of study. Science is natural in its thinking and reasoning, so it only states what it knows in natural terms. The religious church systems are opposed to the scientific world because it does not state its findings in a religious aspect, since it is impossible for science to know the spiritual reality of God. As a result, science continues to peel back the layers of the veiled secrets that Creator God hid in His creation by simply studying the natural phenomena of the structure and function of the natural elements themselves, all of which goes largely unnoticed by a church system that has its collective head in the clouds and continues to view the earth and the heavens as a passing creation, hanging all of their ideology and philosophy upon a future plan of rapturous escape from this planet to be with the Lord in the sky. So, it is up to us, dear ones, who have taken the leap of faith to leave the entrenched, schizophrenic doctrines of a heaven bound church to take a bold look at this most intimate portrait of our heavenly Father and to apply these revealed truths to our journey into oneness with Him. Although the whole creation reveals truths about our Father, it is my calling to illustrate to you the one element of His creation that God made in His very own likeness and image, a creature called man. Indeed, God’s love for this creature is further made known by the fact that everything besides man that was created, was created for man’s pleasure and instruction.

So it is that man is the HOUSE of God, the dwelling place of the Most High and the true figure of the original natural structures of the Tabernacle in the wilderness and the Temple of Solomon. Again, everything that God has instructed His people to build and do in the natural has a spiritual reality attached to it. When Jesus declared that “in my Father’s house are many mansions”, He was actually saying that in the creation of my Father, there are many layers of reality. The Apostle Paul experienced 3 heavenly realities in a life-changing experience and Jesus walked in a multi-layered reality that allowed Him to do what He saw His Father do in a higher reality and say what He heard His Father say in that greater reality. Most people live in the natural reality of this world, but we have been reGENEerated to be in touch with a greater reality in our Father, to hear things and see things that are beyond the earthly experience. As a result, when in 1665 Robert Hooke first sliced an exceedingly thin piece of onion skin and looked at it under a microscope and saw it was made up of tiny “boxes” that he termed “cells” because of his past experiences in the custody of the local jail, we see this discovery as an unveiling of a hidden secret of the Creator of mankind, revealing to us that we are indeed a HOUSE made up of hundreds of trillions smaller HOUSES, which makes us a walking Feast of Tabernacles. Then, when Watson and Crick brought to the world the physical structure of a simple molecule in the center of the human cell, which was termed “deoxyribonucleic acid”, which was mercifully reduced to the acronym, DNA, it was revealed to be in the form of a spiral ladder. This “ladder” was a Book Of Life that contained all of the genetic instructions for every cell of our body, a vast library from which microscopic “messengers” (messenger RNA) would build protein chains that would be used to furnish all of the bodily parts and tissues. Of course, when we heard of this, we immediately saw a higher reality concerning this ingenious element of God’s own mind and heart when creating man. We remembered another man in the scriptures, thousands of years ago, in a time when DNA would be unthinkable, who went to sleep and dreamed a dream, which showed a ladder set up on the earth and extended into heaven itself, at the top of which was the Creator God. Then, he saw in this dream angels ascending and descending up and down this ladder. Now, we know that the true translation for the word Angel is the word “Messenger”, which shows us that science itself is being induced by God to name their discoveries in terms that should lead the most thick-headed amongst us to see the connection between the natural structure and function of the human body and the spiritual structure and function of the Organism of Christ. We will learn more of these fascinating scientific confirmations of messenger RNA and transcription and translation processes later in this study. For now, I would like for you to open your heart and let the spirit of the Lord speak to you as I describe some of the physical attributes of the human cell, but you should be reading this description with a watchful eye as to the awesome revealing of the heart of the Father.




The human cell is a unit of life. As such, it functions as a microcosm of all other larger systems of life, displaying the same characteristics in maintaining its structure and function as the human body itself does. As our body has a covering of skin that helps to protect and maintain the wellness of the organism, so it is that all cells have a membrane that serves this same purpose. This cellular membrane is defined as a “semi-permeable” membrane. This means it has the ability to keep things from entering the cell and allowing things into the cell. It also has the same ability to allow objects to leave the cell and to keep objects within the cell. It is not a solid structure, but is made up of many small rod-like structures called “phospholipids”, which are joined together in a double layer of protection. Because it is not a solid structure, this design allows the cell membrane to allow or deny access into the cell. This kind of discerning protection is vital for the cell. As in all closed systems of life, the cell relies upon the membrane to regulate what comes in and what goes out. Whenever there is work being done, energy is needed to perform that work, and the human cell is a humming hub of work! It never sleeps or rests as constant activity takes place within the cell membrane. Also, whenever work is done and energy is burned, there is going to be a by-product from that energy consumption that needs to be taken out of the way so new work can be done. In every manufacturing plant, you will see a large amount of garbage material that needs to be kept out of the work area. So it is with the cell. Our Father provided various “organelles” to take care of this garbage removal. Organelles are smaller “organs” of the cell that have a prescribed function to help the cell operate. As our body has the organs of the heart, lungs, brain, kidneys, liver,  etc. to help to maintain the health and operation of our organism, even so the “cell body” has its own organs that operate in a similar fashion. One of the organelles of the cell that act as the “garbage men” of the cell are the LYSOSOMES, which contain enzymes for digesting the cellular garbage and keeps the cell operating at a high rate of efficiency. Carbon Dioxide must be allowed to leave the cell and Oxygen must be allowed to enter the cell.

In retrospect, in our days we are living in, we see a very sick and highly toxic Body of Christ. Remember, I am viewing the whole creation of mankind as the Organism of Christ, within which is the present forming of a healing agent of sons of God that will bring life and incorruption to the Organism. There are many reasons for this sickness in mankind, but we want to focus on the Body Politic which is made up of believers that have been imprisoned in a Babylonian system of religion. Almost everyone that is reading this writing have either come out of Babylon or are on their way to coming out. Some of you think you are out of the Harlot system, but you are still producing her wares and catering to her demands upon your ministry and life. There is a difference between declaring yourself free, but still promoting and feeding off her breasts of poison, or being truly free, having found a new life and a new source of sustenance, no longer answering to the false apostleship of the Babylonian hierarchy. If you are still under a covering besides the Lord Jesus Christ, you are sick and you need to be healed spiritually. When we say we are sick in the natural, what we are really saying is that something is not operating right at a cellular level. If we are healthy in our body, that means our cells are functioning properly and we are healthy at a cellular level. In the spiritual reality, if we are unhappy, depressed, frustrated, unfulfilled, inactive, lonely, fearful, without peace, confused, then we are sick at a “heart level” and we need to find our source again and be connected and joined to the Lord Jesus Christ.

One of the most debilitating maladies in the Organism of Christ is the loss of the original purpose of God in giving His Son for mankind. It was not an act that was meant for religious systems to create some kind of church social club that was made up of those that assumed the position of the standard sinner’s march to Christ, by coming into the aisle and slowly making their way up to the altar where the priest of Babylon would then cajole the sinner into repeating some manufactured “sinner’s prayer” and then giving the sinner/saint a conditional membership into the social club, which would then lead to putting the poor sinner/saint into a boot camp of church indoctrination. This pressurized programming relies heavily on putting the person under a load of condemnation and fearful threats of eternal damnation if the person was to ever desire to leave the church social club. While in membership to the church social club, the sinner/saint would be required to give a portion of their earnings to the social club, as sort of a spiritual membership fee. Besides a base fee, the member would also be hit up for special church building projects, missions offerings, church camp, Pastors Appreciation Offerings, visiting Ministers fees, Sunday School fees, gymnasium fees, etc, etc. Is this not a very sick church? It is sick, because it is a cancerous atmosphere. Cancer is a host of cells that have lost their original design and purpose, having become slaves to another genetic code that cuts the cells off from the rest of the body, making them into “something else” than self. Jesus is the true identity of our true SELF! In the present age of spiritual insanity, the Jesus that the Babylonian church preaches and the Jesus that the New Age and other meta-physical groups teach about is not the True Jesus that the scripture teaches and the Holy Spirit witnesses to! The real Jesus is not someone that would glory in the abominations of the modern religious practices being promoted on television and in the mega-church atmosphere. TV preachers constantly try to suck their audience dry of every red cent, preying upon widows and the elderly to give them their last social security dollar, all of which actually goes to their outlandish lifestyle, including in some cases several multi-million dollar mansions, private airplanes, expensive cars, drugs, sex parties, drunken revelries, all in the name of Jesus Christ! This is SICK!! The New Age, Higher Consciousness, I AM GOD, Metaphysical teachings turn our Lord Jesus Christ into an energy field made up of vibrations of unconditional love. They reject the notion of a historical Jesus of Nazareth, saying that the church made Jesus up as a fictional character. He never did die for our sins, He never did raise for our redemption! In fact, according to the New Age philosophers, we never had anything to be redeemed from. In other words, we never did sin, we have no original sin of Adam in us, it was all a fictional account. So, if we never did sin, then we don’t need redemption and forgiveness, and then we realize that we don’t need a Savior, so we don’t need Jesus. This is SICK!! They have lost their sense of their true SELF in Jesus and have now gone into a cancerous state and condition of their own, human SELF. They have become their own god and they answer only to the psychic, soulish part of their mind, believing that this is all a dream that someone dreamed and it doesn’t matter what we do, or what we believe, or how we act, there is no sin and there is no wrong. Of course, they have no problem in coming into the ranks of the Kingdom folks, since they have no other purpose in their lives but to spread their diseased message to as many innocent people as they can find and the worse thing about this is how many so-called Kingdom believers let them do just that! They have opened up their meetings for these cancerous ideas to come in and pollute the hearts and the minds of the true believers, which will eventually lead many into becoming a part of the cancerous tumor of deception that is even now growing in the Organism of Christ.

If it were not for the function of the cellular membrane, the natural body would be as sick as the spiritual Body of Christ is today. The problem is that no one wants to have a boundary around them today. We want to be free agents of our own will and purpose, without any guidance or hindrance from a higher source of power and authority. The fact is, there is a higher Power that we all answer to and His Name is Jesus, the Christ of God, the Lord of lords and the King of kings. For the spiritually insane, this is utterly detestable. Their knee won’t bow and their tongue will reject the Lord Jesus Christ until their appointed time comes to be brought into their right mind and true SELF in Jesus. Until then, they will be a useful tool for the immune response of the Organism of Christ, as all viral and bacterial infections are for our natural body. To underscore my statement about this being a “spiritual insanity”, think for a moment about the suicidal design of a cancer in the natural body. Pathogens invade the body and infect normal cells, re-writing the original genetic Book of Life in the DNA, which identifies the cell as US. The invaded normal cell is now reprogrammed into a slave of the cancer, which then starts to multiply and reproduce cells that are of the cancer’s genetic identity. These cells are no longer a part of the human body, but are now foreign agents of another identity, which proceed to incorporate themselves into the body, attaching themselves to strategic areas of the body. They start to form a “body” of like-minded cancer cells, which then form a “tumor” within the organism of the human. This cancerous tumor taps into the blood of the host organism, forming arteries that siphon off the nutrients of the host body, which then feeds the tumor, just like that same blood feeds the normal cells of the organism. The normal cells of the host organism are under subjection to the organism’s, “law of life”, which dictates how fast the cells of the organism can multiply and where in the organism they can grow. This is done by reason of the DNA in the normal cells, which has a Master Blueprint of the entire organism. By reason of this Master Blueprint, most of us are not walking around with 3 feet and four eyes! It is unlawful in the natural body for any of the normal cells to act out of union with the rest of the Body, acting instead out of a code of love and life for the rest of the organism. They conform to the purpose and design that has been written upon the tables of the DNA by the Master Creator in the very beginning, which through the ages past has kept the original IMAGE & LIKENESS intact by reason of their conformity. For the cancer cells, they have no law of conformity to the original Image and Likeness, so they have become the rulers of their own destiny and design. They are lawless and self-contained, having no concept of union with the whole. They are rogue and they are death-dealers. Their only law is self preservation and they have no regulations about growing and multiplying. Instead, they have only one speed of growth, FAST! If the immune system can become aware of the presence of these cancerous cells while they are only free cells, then it can destroy them and keep them from harming the Body. If, however, the cancer cells can avoid detection until they can metastasize, then the immune system is very limited on how it can deal with the tumor itself. In order to avoid detection from the immune system, the cancer cells will grow an outer membrane over its own membrane. You see, the outer membrane of any virus or bacteria has certain keys on it that immediately allows the search and destroy cells of the body to identify as “Non-Self”, so the false covering of the cancerous membrane hides the true identity of the cancer from the protectors of the Body. Are you following me saints? Thus far, I am only giving you information straight out of the journals of cellular biology, taught in any institution of learning in the land. I can only hope that you see the glaring typology of what is happening every minute of every day in our natural body and what is certainly taking place every day in the spiritual Body that we are all members of. Going on now, once the cancer starts to mass produce its message of death in the Body, it starts to spread and take control of the host organism. Most times, the host organism has no idea any of this is going on, since the immune response is not present. The immune response in our body is what we feel when we say, “we feel sick”. What we are actually experiencing is the process of “getting well”! If we don’t feel anything, that is when we are the sickest! When we remove from our midst any response to false deceptions and deadly motives from the spirit of the Adversary, that is when we are in danger of going into the outer darkness of deception and false identity. We certainly don’t want to go about flailing at everything that doesn’t sound correct, or go on any personal witch hunts, but we absolutely need a measure response when we detect a real threat to the Organism of Christ.

I know some of you may be feeling a little overwhelmed at the extent of the sickness of the Body of Christ. Let me assure you, there is nothing wrong that cannot be corrected by a good dose of spiritual medicine. My mother loved me very much. But, when I was a child, she made me eat and drink things that I thought were more harmful than good. My Mom was a High Priest of the Order of Castor Oil. Yep, she was convinced that Castor Oil would heal you of all the diseases of life, free you up of all the congestions that your body was experiencing, make you smarter, better looking, make you sit up and holler, HALELUJAH! Needless to say, in order to give this heavenly concoction to me, she had to catch me first, but when she did, all the yelling, wriggling and fighting would not dissuade her from delivering me from all my ills. The sad thing for me is that it worked! No one wants to be given medicine when they are sick, but only those that truly love you will take the time and effort and the scalding accusations from the patient to give you the remedy that will make you whole again. We are sick, ladies and gentleman, but we are getting better by reason of the immune response of the Holy Spirit.

Cancer is suicidal. Think about it. Cancer invades a living host organism and starts to grow and live inside of this wonderful host. Its sole purpose is to take this living host over and sap it of all its life and energy until the host organism dies. Guess what? When the host organism dies, the cancer dies also. This suicidal mindset is what is taking place in many lives today. They left the religious institutions of men and joined the ranks of the comer-outers. Then, they couldn’t abide the comer-outers anymore, so they came out of the comer-outers into the ranks of the “free-thinkers”. However, the “free-thinkers” were still too religious, so they came out into the ranks of the “I AM GODers”. But, they couldn’t stay there, because they now became members of the “NO-GODers”. In other words, there are some folks that only find pleasure in “coming out” and never really being able to “ENTER IN” to the fellowship and union of the Body of Christ. These people are actually anarchists that rebel against whatever is the standard around them, not because they really see something worth living for, but because their only purpose in life is to REBEL against everything and everybody. They hate authority in any fashion or form. This is one of the main reasons they chose to stop believing in Jesus, because He is identified as a “KING”, which implies authority and power. They don’t like the sovereignty of Jesus Christ. They abhor correction on any level and make it their life’s mission to lead all other people into the same anarchistic mindset, belittling anyone that would term themselves as “servants of Jesus Christ”, berating them into humiliation for even thinking that they had to obey someone other than their own self. They are on a suicide mission, cutting off from themselves the very source of Life in order to be in control of their own desires and wishes. They are not true revolutionaries, rebelling against an unjust despot that has made their lives miserable, they are burning down spiritual truths just for the sake of watching them burn, not because they have a greater truth to give. This kind of self-destructive behavior is a mirror image of the mindset of cancer and it is a spiritual cancer in the Body of Christ.

The cell membrane gives safety to the inward workings of the cell and without the cell membrane bring true to its design and purpose, the cell would self-destruct. There are actually 3 membranes in the human cell. The outer membrane is the first and most prominent structure of protection in the cell, and it keeps the inner court of the cell holy from all corruptible elements. Nothing enters the cell, unless the cell has a need for it. Anything else that tries to enter will be rejected. Nothing leaves the cell, unless the cell determines it has a purpose and function outside the cell. There are many objects that must leave the cell throughout its lifetime, because the cell is not a self existing organism. It ministers to the rest of the Body in producing proteins and other building materials for the growth and maintenance of the whole organism. The procedure for manufacturing these essential elements for the Body involves the ability for information to pass from the innermost sanctum of the cell, the nucleolus, which is contained in a nuclear membrane, out to the general area of the nucleus, which has its own membrane, then out to the outer court of the cell, the cellular cytoplasm. Of course, this is the exact same pattern of compartments and membranes as the Tabernacle of Moses displayed. In the midst of the Tabernacle, there was the inner most sanctum, the Holy of Holies, veiled off by a thick membrane of skins. Then there was the Holy Place, which had a membrane separating it from the outer court, which in itself had an outer wall of protection. No one came into the Tabernacle unless they had business there and the Priests allowed it. It was holy ground, from the outer court, into the Holy Place and into the Holiest Of Holies, which each inner compartment being more protected than the outer one, until only one man could enter into the Holiest of Holies, the High Priest.

The Tabernacle of Moses was made from a pattern that God showed to Moses in the Mount, which we now know was the image and likeness of the True Pattern from which God built man, the human cell. Each having 3 compartments, each compartment having its own membrane to separate it from the other compartments in a semi-permeable protection. It was paramount that all 3 compartments would be treated as Holy unto the Lord, so that nothing would corrupt the order of the Tabernacle, for out from the Tabernacle, the blessings and judgments of the Lord were to issue forth to the rest of the camp. We are standing on Holy Ground, dear ones. Right now, we are in a dreadful and awesome place in our God. We hold death and life in our hands. If anyone has been viewing this walk in God as some kind of religious game, now is the time to get a new mind and a new heart concerning the critical hour we are living in. Since we are the Messengers of the Lord, the Word of the Lord must be in our mouth. It is not a time to be “shooting our mouth off” when speaking of the Holiness of our Lord. It is a time of taking our shoes off, falling down on our face and crying out to the Lord!

We cannot take our carnal, religious mind into this place, as all flesh will pass away in the face of such glory. The very reason why God is raising up a true priesthood in this Day is so that the Word of the Lord can be given without mutation and corruption. What the modern church social club is speaking is a corrupted word, entirely polluted by the depravity of man’s lower nature, so it has become an abomination before the Lord. The prophets of Baal are alive and well today, as the modern day “prophets” sell their gift to the highest bidder amongst the money-changers of Babylon. They are spiritual prostitutes that sell the Word for money and privileges, lying down in the beds of strange spirits, taking the holy things of God and turning them into profane fables of imaginations and divinations. So, God is now cleaning His House, starting first with the Mouthpieces. His judgments are beginning in the Church, not in the natural world! Just recently, a famous religious minister condemned the nation of Haiti as being judged by God through the devastation of a horrid earthquake, because Haiti supposedly made a pact with the Devil. The same things were said about New Orleans when the terrible flooding took place in that city. The truth is that there are some geological locations in this world where cities, states and countries are located where they are constantly being devastated by storms, earthquakes, floods and so on. The prostituted prophets of the religious systems jump on these natural catastrophes as a platform for their own selfish means of making money off other folks despair. These are supposedly the Mouthpieces of God! People treat these ministers as true prophets and give untold riches to them because they believe them to be true men and women of God! It is Sick! The truth is, God is not judging the nations of the world because of some kind of pact with the Devil, but He is judging His own House because of their own pact with the Whore of Babylon! The pointing of the finger from the prophets of doom only masquerade how false the Messengers of the Church have become. We are presently in the darkest hour in the history of mankind, not because of the sinful acts of sinful men, but because of the prostitution and perverseness of a priesthood that has sold their birthright to a religious whore.

Healing and restoration must come to the House of God. The way the natural body heals itself is by a general alarm being raised throughout the body that brings a response from the microscopic agents of healing and cleansing. The alarm for the spiritual Body of Christ is starting to sound and we all had better hang on, because there is going to be a great cleansing of the heavens in our midst. The so called “Church” of today is a political and religious machine that hearkens back to the times of a corrupted church in the reign of Constantine. Before Constantine made Christianity into a State Religion, the early church was full of power and unity. This time in God’s Eonian plan would be likened unto the birthing of a new born child. In order to grow beyond the stage of infancy, the cells of a new born are programmed to divide at an accelerated rate, which then slows down once the child becomes an adolescent. The Early Church was a new born expression of Christ in the earth and it spread through the world like a blaze of light and glory, with signs and wonders following the messengers of a new Day in God. Although persecuted horrendously, the young movement grew even stronger, even with the smoke of burned bodies filling the towns where the martyrs of God were burned at the stake. All this did was to bring even more souls into the experience of the Lordship of Jesus Christ, until the Emperor Constantine himself was persuaded to become a Christian. He then performed an act that would change the Church for eons. Constantine thought it would be good to make Christianity into a religion and to incorporate it into the state government. The persecutions stopped, but the power of the spirit left also. The Church became politicized and the offices of the Church became elected offices that were controlled by men that had no spiritual relationship with the Lord Jesus. The Church started to change her creeds and doctrines, incorporating the doctrines of excommunication and eternal damnation into their church constitution, leaving the original message of Jesus Christ, they mutated the message of simple reconciliation and salvation for all men into the monstrosity that we are witness to today. A powerless church system of do’s and don’ts, a marketing wonder of selling wares to the desperate souls that are innocently hungry for God in their life, this modern day church is void of any conviction for raping and pillaging the souls of God’s creation. My most sincere and earnest cry to all of those that read these words is to remove yourself from such a wayward covering and return back to the place of your true spiritual birth. God will provide for you and He will make a way of escape for you if you turn your heart to Him. To continue to be a part of the abomination of the Babylonian Church is suicide and the end of the matter will be a fearful judgment upon your soul. I pray for you, that God will reveal Himself to you in a fresh and living way.

There is a Church in the earth that is the True Church, the Living Body of Jesus Christ in the world. She is in hiding at this time, but God has made a way for her to be rescued from her enemy. A Man-child is being formed as I write this to you. God has caught a number of predestinated and chosen vessels into His throne room and He is transforming them into His express image and likeness. They are of all races and nationalities. Let us put away our childish toys of foolish doctrines and come to know that God is not interested in a company of pure fleshly descendants of some European lineage. It is time to let go of all of these soulish doctrines and know that our flesh will have no part in the high calling of the Lord Jesus Christ. Whether Jew or Gentile, black or white, rich or poor, male or female, American or Russian, none of these things will promote us nor will they demote us from our spiritual heritage in Christ. It is time to let go of the doctrines that have preoccupied us in our youth and grow up into the Headship of Christ. The Man-child is made up of willing hearts, not lily-white skins. Racism is the by-product of the Whore of Babylon and any notion of an elitism through a physical lineage will be cleansed from our minds and hearts. It is time for us to know the time we are in, as it is late in the Day and we must now go out to meet the Lord with our lamps lit and the song of the Lord upon our lips.

Most of the religious crowd are just trying to make it to the Rapture. They are not interested in changing anything, they just want to make heaven and have their mansion in the sky, right next door to Jesus. The Kingdom believers are almost as bad. For the most part, there is no vision in our ranks, as it seems we have settled into preaching a “kingdom doctrine”, rather than being a living, breathing expression of the Kingdom of God in the earth. God doesn’t want a surviving Church, He wants a thriving Church! He doesn’t want a bunch of believers that are just hanging on, He wants a company of sons that are moving on! Where is the fire and the passion in our lives? Have we become so lazy and content that we no longer expect this message to actually do what it says it will do? I have noticed a subtle influence being broadcast to the Kingdom ranks that has contributed to the apathy in so many hearts. It is an intellectual approach to the message of reconciliation and the Kingdom of God. To tell you the truth, I believe that there are those that have settled for the mere “telling” of the message instead of the “manifesting” of the message. Is this message of reconciliation and life to be distilled down to nothing more than a theological argument? Isn’t it reasonable for us to consider that there is a very real WORKING of this revelation that is meant to bring us to a face to face experience with the Living One that taught these great Truths? The bottom line for us is not how well we can “tell” the revelation, the world is going to be visited by a company of sons that have been TRANSLATED into a Kingdom that is infusing them with the same power and authority as their Elder Brother and Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated on earth. If we do not have this expectation in us, if we are only going to be good little preachers of a deep concept of the scriptures, if we are satisfied with just occupying ourselves with an intellectual sword play with other intellectual gamers, if you just want to be known as a Kingdom Preacher and then to die with that title over your headstone, then by all means, knock yourself out. I want more. I am expecting to live this Day out on earth until my physical body is dissolved and I put on a new body. I am thoroughly expecting there to be a spiritual explosion throughout the world as the spirit of Christ bursts out of a chosen seed of God. I am looking for a physical change, in me, in you, everywhere! That is our message, dear hearts! It is not a church doctrine, it is a divine fact. There will be a new creature in Christ present itself in this physical dimension, not of this earth, alien to this landscape of sickness and disease, sadness and despair, this New Man will change everything.

How have we come to this place of detachment from the reality of the salvation and restoration of the universe? I believe we have been lulled asleep by our own lack of faith in seeing God do what we say He will do. We are all getting older now. When I first started preaching the message of reconciliation and the Kingdom of God, I was 21 years old. I am now 60 years old. In the beginning, when I was in the prime of my life, I was expecting the Kingdom of God to explode on the scene any day now. The ministry that I was in the midst of were powerful men and women of God, up in their years and so full of the Word of the Lord concerning His great plan of universal restoration. I remember distinctly one day when we were breaking for lunch during one of our gatherings, I sat across from one of the ministers that I respected a great deal. With youthful exuberance, I asked him a question, anticipating an answer that would confirm my expectations concerning the imminent manifestation of the sons of God. “Brother ____, how long do you think it will be before we see the manifestation of the sons of God and the power of the Kingdom of God in the earth?” was my question. He did not answer me immediately. Instead, he looked like he was calculating something in his mind, so I waited. Finally, he looked up at me and said, “I estimate it will be at least 2,000 more years before that takes place”. My jaw hit the floor in unbelief! I then saw that for some, this manifestation is a long time off, so far out in the future that it relegates us to mere “tellers” of the plan, but not participators. I could feel my excitement fade away, my expectations seemed to be so foolish, to think that I actually thought I would see this in my lifetime. It was a great let down for me. But, youth is ever resilient and with the help of the Lord I could not keep my excitement from rising up again. I am very thankful to the Lord for that. I am more excited today, all these years later, than I have ever been before. I see the Lord and His train filling the Temple!

We believe Jesus saves to the utmost! I believe that even now, in some inner part of our being, in the deepest depths of our heart of hearts, there is a King sitting with His Father upon His throne. Not out in the most outer reaches of space, but right here, inside of each one of us, there is a resident King, sitting and expecting until His enemies are made His footstool. Wherever there is a King, there is a Kingdom, so I believe the Kingdom of God is within us. Not a coming Kingdom, but a very present Kingdom, with an economy of blessings and instructions that proceed from the Throne into the furthermost regions of the realm of the Kingdom. The presence of God fills the whole world and indeed the whole universe, but the Throne of God resides in only one place, the heart of mankind. It is man that God indwells and it is through man that the universe will eventually be changed. It will all start with the transformation of mankind, but it will work its way out from man into every creature of God’s creation, changing this world of thorns and thistles into a paradise of God. The extent of this salvation reaches from inner space to outer space. This also extends beyond this physical world, reaching into the spiritual realm where our loved ones have been called to wait for this great change to take place. It will not come from them to us, it will take place in us who are alive first, then it will bring forth the rest of the Body of Christ from the invisible world, so that we are all gathered together into One. What we must not lost sight of when we consider the vast extent of the salvation that was wrought by the Lord Jesus, is that nothing else will ever be changed until we are changed. Are we waiting for the change to take place? Actually, we are not. At least we shouldn’t be! We are in the midst of change right now, right here. It has already started and it continues to change us each and every second of our life. I don’t think we realize how vast our inner space is. We know the vastness of outer space, galaxies upon galaxies of expanding light, going on to infinitum. Perhaps we need to understand that there is the same, opposite expansion going on inside us, extending beyond mere atoms, including smaller particles of matter, or anti-matter, that our modern scientific technology knows nothing about. What I am trying to say, is that who is to say how much has already changed within the being of mankind since Jesus triumphantly rose from the grave? As the scriptures state:

 Rom 8:11

11 But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.  KJV

             Whatever biological consequence that took place in the physical body of Jesus Christ at the time of His death, burial and resurrection, we are assured that the same spiritual process will take place in our bodies. Now, the Babylonian Church has taken this to mean a process that takes place during the Rapture, at about 30,000 feet in the air. But, we who have reconnected with our Heavenly Father without the influence of the imaginative purveyors of Babel’s self-serving doctrines have another viewpoint on this scripture. We believe that this change takes place IN OUR BODY, right here, right now. A New Day is rising! Even now, in the depths of our being, Christ is leading captivity captive, overthrowing thrones, dominions, powers, principalities, darkness, death, rulers of darkness, princes of the air, unclean spirits, strongholds of the beast nature, yea, even the Dragon itself. We are not waiting around for this to take place, it is taking place right now! We are closer now to the Day of our Salvation than we have ever been before. Who is to say how many enemies fall within us in one day? From the inside out, He is cleansing us and giving us a New Name. From the inside out, He is bringing our being into submission to His purpose and intent. Every cell within us is being changed and filled with light and music! Yes, dear ones, we are filled with Light and Music! Quantum Physics is starting to declare that our cells communicate to each other with Light and Music, literally singing to each other. Amazing! However, the song they are singing right now is the Song of Adam, which keeps our bodies subject to sin and corruption. But, there is a Mountain inside of us where a Lamb is standing and with Him are a governmental rank and file of New Creatures. Listen! They are singing a New Song, literally changing the song that creation has been singing since Adam first was lowered into corruption, a Song of the Lamb! Glorious Lord! Even now, the spirit of Christ is filling us with His Light and Music and our body will be changed by the redemptive Song of our heart. In the very center of our being, in the midst of God’s throne, there is a song being sung day and night, without end. Can you hear it? It says, HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, WHICH WAS, AND IS, AND IS TO COME!! Oh yes, it is happening right now and it has a divine destiny to work its way out of every heart and swallow humanity up into its life and glory.

            We have a choice, dear ones. Yes, I said you have a choice! Regardless of what you may have heard in the past, I want us to know we have a decision to make. We can either continue to minister Christ as a Storybook Character, or we can start to allow Him to LIVE IN US. It is up to us to shake ourselves and come to full attention and start to see how far we have veered from the true power of this Word. Paraphrasing what our dear departed brother, Stacy Wood, once said, Christ is the Engineer of our train, but the throttle of the engine is in our hands! Indeed, God has left certain things in our hands, in order that we may be moved upon by our own passion and love for all that He is doing in our midst, there are times that God longs for a response from His children. Let us stand to our feet, lift our hands unto our Lord Jesus Christ, and ask for a stirring in our hearts that will set us on fire with the expectations of our God. May you be filled with vision, purpose, counsel, passion, excitement, energy, vitality, strength, courage, wonder, revelation, knowledge, willingness, commitment, dedication to the cause, honesty, constitutional integrity, purity, truth, steadfastness, faith, and much, much more. But most of all, above all else, may you be filled with the Love of the Truth.

To Be Continued:

Written by Bob Torango




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