The Life That Was, The Life That Is, The Life That Is To Come

Part Three

The Life That Is And The Life To Come

By Bob Torango





Rev 1:4

4 John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace be unto you, and peace, from him which is, and which was, and which is to come ; and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne;  KJV

Rev 1:8

8 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come , the Almighty.  KJV

Rev 11:15-17

15 And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.

16 And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God,

17 Saying, We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come ; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned.  KJV

            In the above verses, it is to be noted that John the Revelator announces Jesus as He that IS, that WAS and that IS TO COME. Notice the arrangement of the tenses, which begin with He that IS! What Jesus IS reveals to us what He WAS, since the present is the sum total of the past. He IS and He WAS, which then proceeds into that which IS TO COME, which is not a futuristic viewpoint, but an ongoing procession of time which is always known as NOW. Everything in the plan of God is unfolding out from a present-future reality, as time marches on throughout the eons of God. Until the END comes, we are living out of a present state and condition that is the result of the past and is bringing us constantly into that which is to come.

            For a large part of the Christian world, there is a longing and watching for a singular event of the coming of the Lord, which some try to present as a certain year on the calendar of time, or even a certain day. But, the truth is that the coming of the Lord is not a single event in time, but He HAS come, He IS COMING, and He will ALWAYS be coming. He is “for ever”, which is not a phrase to be applied to eternity but is to be applied to the eonian passing of time, and it is important to understand that this phrase is not just speaking of a future “forever”, but it also entails the past, which would mean He has always been. He is reigning “forever”, not just 2 thousand years ago, or not at some future event in time, but He has always reigned and is now reigning, throughout the ages to come. Do you see why we need to have a grasp of how we move through time while walking with a timeless God? For us, we tend to live for the moment, which is viewed as a pebble in a long line of pebbles which make up time. However, to be proper in our viewpoint of how God sees our existence within the parameters of time, the present is our true compass point and the past is only a reference to our NOW existence. At the same time, the future is always NOW, in the eonian procession in  God. We move through time in a continual present state, and although we know certain events and changes for us lie before us, we cannot time travel into them in some kind of time warp, irregardless of what science fiction tries to present to us, so we move through time in a constant state of the NOW. Hence, in the scriptures above, Christ is not presented as He that WAS first, but He introduces Himself as He that IS, WAS and IS TO COME. All other references of time must begin with that which IS.

            As a result, this chapter is about the Life that IS, which will entail the Life that is to come as we progress through the ages of God. We cannot have a futuristic mentality at this present time, as the future is not our concern. God will take care of those things that are to come to us through the passing of time, but our message is a very present message, which is teaching us to live in the NOW, knowing that what we do NOW is what will matter in the future. We must have faith NOW, not down the road. We must be yielded to the spirit NOW, flowing easily in the stream of life as we move in the spirit of Christ, being conscious and aware of what is happening NOW in our midst. Right NOW the Lord wants us to give Him glory, not in some far off future when we think we will be more apt to praise Him for His goodness, but we must see His goodness NOW and let our mouth be filled with His praises NOW, even before our needs are fully met, we speak and react out of a present reality, declaring what IS and not what is going to be someday. He reigns NOW, He is a victorious King NOW and we are NOW BEING MADE like unto Him. That is the language of the spirit! We are NOW the sons of God and we are NOW BECOMING priests and kings after the order of our High Priest, Christ Jesus! I want all of you that are going through a time of infirmity and affliction to know that you are NOW BEING MADE WHOLE, not in some future time, but He is making you whole NOW and is, in fact, constantly moving in and upon you for your complete wholeness. When we start to live in the NOW, days do not come and go, but we are abiding in Him who lives in eternity and our life is a constant happening event. The Life that IS is a life that entails both the past and the future, so that I am constantly evolving and changing in a procession of transformations, which are all taking place right now in my being.

I AM what I AM and will always be what I AM. By that, I mean that all of our transformation comes from within us, out from the genetic imprint that we were created with in our beginnings in our Father. I do not believe we are “going back” to what we were in God, but we are constantly being unveiled to reveal a greater reality of what we ARE and not what we appear to be. What I APPEAR to be and what I AM are not the same. My external state and condition is subject to a present, constant transformation process that manifests my true identity in Christ in an ongoing flow of change. The sons of God are not waiting in the present moment in a state of frozen dormancy for some future date of a manifestation, but we are NOW BEING manifested, and will continue to be manifested until we are manifesting all that He IS. It is a constant parade of change, with one glory birthing a greater glory, one heaven birthing another heavenly dimension, all of which is coming forth from that which IS. There are in the midst of our heavens those true figures of God’s divine nature and character that are making themselves known to us right now that have never been expressed in the earth before. We are not trying to LEARN His nature and character, like you would LEARN how to fix a car, but we are made up of His nature and character. It is written within our spiritual genetic makeup, an undeniable and irresistible foundational plank of our being, which is NOW swallowing up our earthly nature and character into that which we have always been in Him. I know this is happening because I know what I WAS and I know that what I WAS is still what I AM and what I AM is bringing me to what I WILL BE.

So many today have made the mistake of trying to bring those things that are ahead of us in the progressive plan of God to come into existence in the present time by dismissing everything in our midst that is obviously lacking a perfect state and condition as an illusion or mirage of our carnal mind. Because we are declaring a NOW life and existence in God, that means that we are aware that in that NOW reality we must come to terms with those things in our present world that ARE, but they are not yet light and life. If we are to be totally alive in the NOW in Christ, then we must be able to see things as they are, even though they may be dark and deadly, but we see them in a constant state of reformation and not locked into their corruptible form. From the beginning, when the cosmos went through their God-ordained period of ordered chaos, the earth and all things therein have been moving toward a destiny of restoration and restitution in Christ. It is the maneuvering of the natural mind of man that tries to find a way to make everything around him that does not look finished and/or act finished to not have to be contended with. The methodology that the Middle Eastern religions use to accomplish this “nirvana” is to label everything external from us as a “dream”, which relegates those natural, corruptible elements as being an illusion of our mind and not real. So, one must obtain a higher consciousness of the soul just to deal with these beggarly elements. Since these religions do not have a cure for the lower states of the world around them, they have created a philosophy of denial of those lower elements of death, darkness and so on. We, however, have a much more sure word on this chaotic condition of mankind and the world they exist in. Our faith is in the power and might of Jesus Christ, the only true representation of the Mighty God that instituted the chaos to begin with. Jesus brought to this world, through His birth, life, death and resurrection, a cure of these corruptible elements and a sure word of ultimate restitution of all things, which actually encompasses a “reconstitution” of all created things in Christ. That is the reality of the NOW, which all mature believers in the ultimate restitution of all things must walk in with an enlightenment from the Holy Spirit. We do not worry over the doom and gloom message of the blind religious leaders of the Babylonian church system, for that message of a hopeless world going to hell in a hand basket does not compute for us. We see the Lord Jesus Christ high and lifted up, His train filling the temple, which is His Body in the earth and in heaven, His glory spreading over creation like the dawning of a new Day. We see beyond what our natural vision shows, as we see the end from the beginning, declaring those things as though they are, when they are not.

Our ministry is not one born out of denial of the woes of this present world, but we embrace the hopelessness and swallow that despair up into the victory of Christ. We don’t minister an alternative universe, where one must hum to themselves in a hypnotic trance to enter into and escape this forlorn condition, but we see Life on every hand and have no need to try to enter into such escapism. We see everything as it IS, not as our own idealistic mind wants those things to be. Yes, this world is in darkness and chaos, yes, it needs to find a solution to its myriads of problems, but the answer isn’t in transcendental meditation, nor is it in pointing creation to some alternative consciousness, but the answer is in a personal, intimate relationship with the Lord of glory, the Great I Am. He IS, and He IS a present help in the time of trouble. We are not given this marvelous understanding in order to simply relegate this Truth to a mere state of mind. We must begin to function in this Truth, walk and talk in Truth, live in Truth, abide in Truth. We must get beyond the preaching and teaching of this Truth, and begin to move from the mere message of God’s Kingdom and start to participate in the governmental economy of such a Kingdom. This is the next step for all that are being developed into mature sons of God. It is not to find a more eloquent or interesting way to minister a truth that has been ministered from every angle for two thousand years now, but it is time for us to become skilled beyond the word of God and start to become craftsmen of His purpose and intent for us and all creation. He wants to do more for us than merely giving us a great understanding of the different aspects of His eonian plan. Eventually, we have to be able to lay the manual of this Day down and start to participate in His redemptive power.

There are folks that love to order all the tapes and literature they can get their hands on that minister this wonderful Truth, but there comes a time, dear friend, when God expects to see some fruits in our lives from all the Word that we partake of. What good is the giving of the Word, without the fruit of the reality of that Word being demonstrated in the lives of the partaker? There has never been any other generation since the creation of man that has received so much Word and revelation as this present generation. Now, we know the world is blind and deaf to the things of God, and we also know that God does not judge ignorance, but His judgments begin at the House of faith, the believers in His Word. Surely, His judgment is waxing hot at the indifference and laziness that is displayed in the lives of the believers in the message of His Kingdom. We are deluged with Word from our mailbox, to our computer, to our Ipods, radio, television, etc., and I still see such a state of numbness and selfishness amongst our ranks that it makes my spirit to grieve for us. This Word of Truth, that many ministries have been so faithful to minister, irregardless of the obstacles presented to us, such as financial indifference, non-interest in gathering together as a functioning Body, utter disregard for our kinsman relationship that we have in Christ, along with a host of other maladies, all of this has not quenched the fountain of Truth that has continuously showered all Kingdom believers to a point of saturation. Yet, our lives are still a mess, we still hold grudges against those that have disappointed us, ministry still compete against one another for the attention of the people, the Body is still scattered throughout the country and the world, without any communication or enrichment from the fellowship of those that are of like-faith. It is sad to say, but I believe we are inflicted with a life-sucking contentment that threatens to paralyze the sonship company in the earth. Please let me make it plain that I am not seeing our paralysis as a failure to DO a religious act of building more churches or coming up with programs or campaigns to fill our meeting places, but this kind of paralysis is in our maturing and development in the walk of the overcomer in Christ, which is our very reason and commission for being involved in such an unveiling of Truth. It is my conviction that we are no longer sanctioned by God to stay in this state and condition, but it is of critical necessity in the plan of God that we start to live out the Word we are receiving and begin to join ourselves in a new and living way. Christ must have expression in the midst of such a perverse and crooked generation!

This is a spiritual Word, given to a spiritual people, but it is given to us so that the earth might be filled with the wonder of such a Word. It is not to stay in the heavens, locked behind the veil of the temple, but it is to be shouted about from the housetop, the trumpet of the Lord is to be sounded throughout the heavens AND the earth. That trumpet is not some sound that will come in some far off future land by an angel named Gabriel, but that trumpet is sounding today! The trumpet of the Lord is a company of sons, purified by their Father to sound out a blast of pure God-Life, without the mixture of fleshly elements of self, forming a “certain sound” that will speak to every man in the depths of their ancient spirit. This must happen NOW, not some distant time down the road when we all get so bored with our life that we start to look for something else to take up our time. NOW! Not when we THINK we are ready to do such a thing, NOW, when we have nothing of ourselves to lean upon, NOW, when we know if anything happens through us, it would have to be God doing it, because we sure don’t have the wherewithal to do it. Oh yes, that is the key, dear one, turning ourselves over to Him to do what He wants to do through us. I pray you know that He is not going to do it all by Himself! That is not His plan. He wants to perform His wonders through a Body of believers, a company of yielded mature sons, appearing with Him, moving with Him, walking through the desert of this world with Him, He in us and we in Him.

One of the most foundational truths about God’s plan is that He loves to make the many one. God loves to create many different things and then bring those things into unity and union until they are moving and functioning as One. Look at how the universe is built, with an innumerable amount of little things called atoms. That is God’s fingerprint, His identifying M.O., method of operation. He makes little insignificant things, and then brings them together in a variety of unions and fusions, and then places them in His space to function in a diverse display of harmony and order. He takes little particles of matter, so small that they are impossible to even see, subjects them unto a variety of influences and then makes planets out of them. Wow! This is a peek into what makes God tick! We see His nature and essence through those things that He has created and this is one aspect of His divine makeup that we have been given the scientific information to know about. To know this is to know a little more about the Creator of all things. This same fingerprint of God is imprinted upon the manifested sons of God. Individually, we are incapable to manifest such an abundance of God’s glory to the world. By ourselves, we are reduced to a small blip of manifesting Christ to the world, going unnoticed and ignored by the world stage of men’s affairs. But, bring this company of sons together into a gathering in the substance and glory of our heavenly Father, form in us a singular voice, with an incredible range of vibrations and sound that run the scale of auditory impulse, give us one Mind and one Purpose, compact us together, spirit to spirit, and we will storm the gates of hell and bring to this world a governmental authority and a cataclysmic flow of restoration and restitution that will bring out of this present chaotic heaven and earth a new heaven and a new earth filled with righteousness and peace. We are NOW in the process of making this happen, and we are NOW being judged by our Father to bring this fallen world to that critical mass of transformation. But, we must come together as a functioning Body of Christ in the earth. When we do, believe me my friend, we will ROCK the whole creation with a super-abundance of God-Life!

I am writing this to you, my friends and kinsmen in Christ, so that we might gain a perspective of how things have been made and how they function in the expanse of the realm of God. His world is never obvious to our natural self, as it is a world largely unseen and unknown to man’s limited scope of sensory perception. This Life that we are privileged to live is largely made up of our skewed vision and our shallow ability to analyze data of our surroundings. Life is so much more than what most people have experienced. Even so, unless you know any difference, most people are satisfied with what they are experiencing in their natural, carnal life and have settled for that mundane existence. But, not we who are hearing this Truth of God. We are reaching into the greater Life, constantly pressing beyond what we now know and apprehending that for which we have been apprehended. Our witness of such a Life is not in this natural world, made up of natural laws and materials, nor is our witness coming from a lost and utterly fake religious church system, neither are we receiving our witness from the false prophetic voices of the prostituted messengers of that religious system, neither is our witness coming from the multitudes of hybrid, new age/kingdom/sons of God/I AM GOD groups that are growing like a community of rabbits around us. No, dear friend, our witness comes from the Word of God and the Voice of many waters that sounds forth from the variegated union of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The fullness of the Godhead, that governmental union of all aspects of the One God, is our witness and it is speaking to us out from the inner recesses of our being, where we are a part of that Godhead, joined in a spiritual helix of completeness and union that has no comparable identity in this material world. That witness testifies of a Life that transcends the ravages of time and space, revealing a body in us that is not subject to the degenerative aspects of this natural existence, but it is eternal in its embodiment, living out of an inner constitution of God-Life. This divine witness has testified to us that this eternal body is even NOW swallowing up all other elements of our earthly tent of existence, invading the outer courts of our earthly house with that luminous Life that resides within the inner core of our being. It  is our witness that the Life that IS, is within us and is NOW COMING out of us, until that which is outward and external will be ingested and assimilated within that greater Life, until we have been rearranged into a new arrangement of governmental order. The order has been - Christ in us, our hope. NOW, the order is - us in Christ, our LIFE!

The cart has been in front of the horse, so to speak. This is an apt example of why our earthly life has not measured up to what we know of the Greater Life. To bring the proper order into creation, Christ is rearranging the governmental order of all things. This chaotic arrangement that creation has existed by is, once again, not a big “OOPS” by Creator God, but it is a necessary pattern that was instituted by Him from the beginning. Whenever anything is brought down to a lesser state and condition, such as the Adamic lineage of man, it is a setup for a glorious and increased measure of redemptive action. Man was made subject to vanity, by design, so that he might be brought out from that vanity into a true love-slave relationship with his God. The deeper the chaotic state and condition, the more glorious the redemptive results. You can turn a flashlight on standing outside on a sunny day, and you could not even tell there was a light shining. However, take that same flashlight into a dark basement, turn it on and the light will be very apparent. As God’s governmental order of grace and salvation begins to operate in the midst of a chaotic world, every eye will be upon that order and kings will come to its brightness. The growing darkness of the world is a sign for us that God is setting the world up for an outshining of His love and grace from a company of Light Bearers that are shining brighter and brighter unto a Perfect Day within their beings. When the Light of the true temple of God is at it’s fullest brilliance, then the temple will be opened up to the nations and the world will be able to see the True Light that will fill the world with His peace and salvation. Regardless of what some would say, this is a PROCESS, not a future event, nor a looking backward to a past event, but a very PRESENT happening which will grow in measure and intensity as the Day approaches. We cannot afford to be lulled asleep by those that say, “peace, peace”, but we should be fully aware of what time it is for us in the eonian scheme and then to awake from our sleep and put on our beautiful garments of praise and salvation. It is high time, the appointed time to awake and to become hyper-aware of what is taking place in and around us. The alarm of the Lord is being sounded in Zion and those that are awakened will come before His throne and be changed. Others will sleep on and wait for another time and another place, but those that are to take their place with the Lamb in the mount of God will arise and shine.

We cannot afford to let this moment pass from us. In God’s eonian plan, there are certain windows of time that are significant moments in God, a set and ordered moment that holds within it’s space of time an unveiling and a release of God’s substance that will only take place at that particular segment of time. We have such an appointment of time in our midst right NOW. At this moment, the spirit of God is stirring in the heavens and if you have an ear to hear with, you can hear the rushing of the spirit, like wind in the tops of the trees. Something monumental is taking shape within and without of His Body, a harbinger of things to unfold in a short burst of time. At times like this, time as we know it does not function in it’s usual manner. In these momentous times of being visited by a greater glory of our Father, time enfolds upon itself. I pray that the spirit will give us understanding on what I am writing here. It is in the vacuum of such an appointed moment that time stands still and in such an event, the past, present and future meet together in a timeless pause of eternity. I believe such timeless pauses happened in various accounts of the scriptures. One very evident occasion was in the Mount of Transfiguration, where Jesus was enveloped in the cloud of His Father’s presence and was in communion with Moses and Elijah. Regardless of how you may apply this account to your theological understanding, the fact remains that Jesus was standing in a place of great significance and partook of a timeless conversation with these two figures that represented their respective time of order of God’s ministry to His creation. So it is, that at that moment in God, we see the Voice of validation, “This is my Beloved Son, hear ye Him”, and the manifestation of not mere men, but figures of past Orders of God’s visitations to mankind, and then the back and forth conversation and dialogue with the Present-Future Son of God, all coming together in a form of counsel and final commissioning of the next step in the plan of restitution. What a pregnant moment that was and what a pregnant moment this is! Throw out all of your concepts and precepts about time as you prepare for this visitation, as none of it will apply to this particular moment. This is a singular moment and is not to be experienced by the limitations of our own mind. Now, more than ever before, we must let God be God.

It is my opinion that we are now in a time of intensifying scrutiny from the Holy Spirit to prepare us for the visitation that is happening. There is a great cleansing of our soul that is going to allow us to enter into this great and terrible place. We must not expect to have great thoughts from this visitation, which is what our natural mind would surely expect to have. After all, such a great visitation will surely happen in order to give us some kind of master plan for the future, right? Wrong! That has been our experience in other visitations, but this is not THAT, this is something else. We are not going to write books about this moment, neither are we going to come up with some kind of formula for others to experience this moment in a vicarious reflection of what took place, but it is without thought, without words, without formula, without planning and scheming. It is what it is. An infusion of anointing and glory from an unseen and unknown realm that has always been in us, but is now preparing us to KNOW it. Ah, there it is. It is a KNOWING that we are being initiated into. It is an intimate union with a God that is unknowable to the natural thoughts and logical summations of the natural mind. This KNOWING is teaching us His ways, which so far have been far above our ways and His thoughts which have been foreign to our own thoughts. How does God think? Certainly, it is in a much higher dimension than our thoughts are contained. I believe we are going to start to understand how different the parameters of the Throne Room are from the parameters of the dimension that we are living our life out from. Our Father sees everything in Himself in one, all-knowing glance - past, present and future. The darkness and the light are the same to Him. He exists, period. He doesn’t live, He IS. He never WAS and He will never BE, as He is a constant I AM with no beginning and no end.

All other forms of gods exist in time, but our God exists outside of time, in the Eternalness of Himself. Everything that we can comprehend with our natural mind exists on a lower plane from Him. There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING that we know of that can be compared to Him. To even think properly about Him takes an ascension of our spiritual being. We have come to know Him in our childish way according to our own limitations and the limited boundaries of our natural existence, but if truth be told, we do not yet know Him but in the shallowest of degrees. We say, God loves everybody, but in truth, He cannot love because if He loved then He could hate. The more proper way to understand God’s love towards us is to recognize that HE IS LOVE! God does not love, in the way that we love, for LOVE is not an emotion of God, it is the substance of God. We were birthed by that LOVE that He IS, which is not an emotional attachment but a genetic disposition that will have its way in the ages to come. We began in Love and we will end in Love. Do you see how different the actual truths of God’s makeup are to the soulish thoughts that we have tried to operate by in our relationship with Him? This is why we are being prepared for such a time in God as this. I often think of how unique the relationship was between God and His servant, Moses. A face to face relationship! There are so many instances in the scriptures concerning this relationship, but for me the one that stands out from all the rest is where God agrees to show Moses a view of Himself that was above and beyond any other revealing of God’s substance to any other man. God placed Moses in a cleft of a rock and passed before Him, covering Moses with His hand and then giving him a peek at the back fringes of His glory as it passed by. Oh my! Now, put this into perspective in the fact that God is calling us to come up hither into His Throne Room! There, in the midst of such wondrous splendors of spiritual order and governmental processions are we to be gathered into, not to stand in a corner, shaking and disintegrating into some mass of hysterical jelly, but to take our place with the sages of time, to sit down with Jesus in the throne at the right hand of such a God! If this does not send a shudder up your spine dear one, if this does not cause your heart to skip a beat and the blood to course through your body in a heightened awareness of imminent wonder, then you truly must prepare yourself to enter into such a place, for that is where this Day is taking us! That is the LIFE TO COME. Now, we must know that the LIFE THAT IS will bring us to that LIFE TO COME and what we do in this Life will equip us and give us the proper protocol and etiquette that we must have ingrained within us to function in such a holy place.

I pray we will be shaken to the awareness of how circumspect and meticulous we must be in taking care of our responsibilities in this Life. Yes, I did use the word, “responsibilities”, a word that has been cast into the bottomless pit by most new age thinking kingdom believers. Responsibility, sacrifice, commitment, integrity, honesty, righteousness, holiness, purity, repentance, forgiveness, uprightness, generosity, leadership, humility are all words that are still in my vocabulary. I believe they are essential ingredients to applying the revelation of the Lord to our walk in Him. I still aspire to BECOME a son of God, although I am genetically a son, I must be able to walk, think and talk as a son, not just termed a son of God. We are now becoming sons of God, sons in the making, which will be more than a social order of religious misfits of a higher understanding concerning their birth right in God, but is a LIFE STATEMENT which is lived out by those that have had a real life experience of being born from a higher estate in God. If anyone reading this has one of those silly bumper stickers on your car that reads, “I Am A Manifested Son Of God”, please rip it off the bumper and then repent. LIVE IT OUT! Don’t call yourselves, “sons of God”, BE sons of God, heirs of the kingdom, joint-heirs with Jesus Christ, ministers of the inner sanctuary, flames of fire, messengers of God, the redeemed of the Lord. Take the printed word of the scriptures and let it come alive in your flesh, bringing the members of your body into subjection to the will and purpose of our Lord, giving our body as a living sacrifice to the higher cause of His salvation and redemption. Stop speaking like servants that don’t know what their Lord is about and start to talk as the oracles of God, speaking with understanding and clarity. Don’t hide the Word in smoke and mirrors that have become the tools and trademarks of religious charlatans, but take responsibility for the truth you have been given and minister it with purity and chastity. Quit selling your ministry to the highest bidder, demeaning your gift to the lusts of the wealthy merchandisers of the Babylonian money machine and start speaking the Word from the mouth of the Lord without respect of person or place. This is a true Son, one that is set aside and apart from the affairs of men. He is like a soldier in the army of the Lord that is not distracted by the side shows of the world, single minded unto his God, focused on what the spirit is doing and saying, he sees with the single eye of his spirit, ministering without  prejudice, loving the unlovable, delivering the imprisoned, healing the sick of body and soul, giving all that He is, giving and giving and then giving some more. This is what is being birthed in our midst and this is the nature and character that is being formed in our being. This is what the world is waiting for!

Embrace this life! This is the Day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. You have a unique life, one that no one else can live. Everything that has happened and ever will happen in your special life is shaping you and forming an expression in you. The trials and testing of this present life is giving us a true expression, an expression that is genuine and honest. So many poor people in this life have lived so long behind a mask of insincerity and hypocrisy that it has become impossible for them to be real in any sense, even with themselves. The ministry that is being birthed in this ordained moment of transformation is a ministry that is clear as glass, without any misrepresentation or false identity. I am sure you know some people in your life that just drip with insincere love, hugging everybody, gushing over them like some star struck fan, and then, when they leave the room, the same person can’t wait to tell everybody the latest gossip about the poor soul. Ministry are especially adept at “squeezing the flesh” of those they want to impress or to get close to for personal gain. Fake words and false emotions rule the day in the religious asylum of Babylon, as the masquerade goes on day after day, but the Day is now here that will bring an end to such religious facade. The kingdom of God is come! The One that look beyond the outer coverings of mankind is making His appearance in an army of conquering sons and the kingdoms of men are doomed. Off with the guise of falsehood, down with the beguiling speech of the serpent, as the Word is brought forth from the mouths of His saints and the earth and heavens of man’s imaginations burn and melt away. Hollywood is a master at illusion and the modern church system of religion has mastered that same art. The movie producers have found that they can use a “blue screen” in a movie and project upon that blank screen anything that can be computer generated. Dinosaurs come to life, entire cities can by portrayed, horrendous monsters can be inserted into any scene that they desire, but in reality it is just a blank screen the actors are acting with. Well, guess what? The church is operating out of a “blue screen” mentality, making up their own doctrines to fit their own agendas and then projecting them upon the blank, ignorant minds of their congregations. In this fantasy land of religion, the false image of the beast is generating fantastical images of powerful devils, the horrors of an all powerful anti-christ, a world of lost souls that are doomed for eternal banishment from the presence of their Father, the fear of going to a fiery dungeon of carnage, ruled over by the henchmen of Satan that stoke the fires of hell to torment the less fortunate souls that did not belong to the religious community. Such trickery and mockery have run rampant throughout the world church system, but a new breed of God-man is rising today, with the sword of Truth in their mouth and the fire of the Presence of the Most High within them. Woe to the false prophets of Babylon, woe to the diviners and the sorcerers of religion, for this order of king-priest sons will bring low the high places of the mystics of falsehood.

In times past, the Lord has sent His servants to Babylon and they were slain. Then, He sent His Son, and He was slain. Now, He is coming Himself, without ambassador, without type and shadow, but as He IS! Who is this King, this Prince that rides upon the white horse and whose vesture is dipped in Blood? He is the Lord of Glory, the First and the Last, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Look upon Him and see His countenance. Is it not fair? Is it not like the vast, blue sea in it’s beauty? He is coming with power and glory to deliver us from our vanity and to strip us of our prideful ways. He is splendid in His determination and His passionate love for us. The earth and the heavens flee from before His countenance and the bowels of the earth are emptied at His appearing. Great and terrible are His words as He shakes the heavens and the earth with His unquenchable desire. Hell empties itself, the sea is removed, the heavens roll up like a scroll, the wilderness is laid low as He has His revenge upon the darkness of sin and corruption. His foot is upon the throat of His enemy and His sword is swift and sure, cutting asunder the soul from the spirit as He vanquishes the final resisting force of death itself. He sends His Priest-Warriors forth, to tear down the strongholds of Babylon, to throw down thrones and dominions that have wreaked havoc in the lives of His creation. Ancient curses are broken, generational infirmities are healed, as His chosen Light-Bearers minister out of the holy of holies a word that has been reserved behind the veil on the inner chamber of His presence. Bring forth the true figures of His shining substance, those heavenly elements that have only cast their shadows into the earth in past orders, now is the time to manifest their truth and their authority. Let the Truth speak for itself, without the watering down of the natural man to try to understand their meaning and bring them down to the dimension of their soul. Now, let the Sun of Righteousness rise with healing in His wings, up from the dark depths of un-regenerated man, let the Truth of the I AM that I AM be broadcast in mankind’s sin sickened heart and let them hear the ancient voice once again from whence they came. Deep will cry to the deep, spirit cries to the spirit in man and they will answer to the call of the Love that birthed them. Open up your gates, O man of God, let the ark of the covenant be seen once again in the temple of His dwelling place. The King is here, O praise God, the King is here!

This is happening right now, right here, in this Life. To those that have eyes to see with and ears to hear with, there is the witness of the spirit as to the inner workings of the Day of the Lord. As we proceed onward in The Life that we are living, let us see what lies ahead for us. A new heaven and a new earth wherein dwells righteousness and peace. No more death, no more sickness, no more pain. No more passing of days and cycles of day and night, but living in the light of the Lord Jesus Christ. Joy unspeakable and full of glory, our mouths filled with praise and our hearts filled with thanksgiving. A new body, uncorruptible and immortal, set in divine order as one sanctuary where abides the spirit and the soul in complete harmony and union. A peace that goes far beyond all understanding. Zoe Life, life as God has life, eternal and unending. A new mind, all-knowing and all-comprehending, which is operating in every creature of God in oneness of purpose and vision. A love that transcends all emotions of our former life, an abiding kinship with God’s creation that cannot be hurt, disappointed or cut off, but is deep and wide with it’s extravagant grace and selfless desire. A satisfaction and completeness that leaves us without want or need, fulfilled with the abiding wholeness of our union with our Father. Light, everywhere and in everything, no darkness or shadows, only clarity and illumination, a constant enlightenment of our understanding concerning the heart of our God. Music, soul-lifting music, which brings indescribable exhilaration of expression from everything in heaven and earth, filling our atmosphere with an energy of vibratory ecstasy that enthralls and inspires us to new heights in our spirit. God, our Father God, in and through everything, everywhere, intimately saturating us with His essence, drowning in Him, hopelessly immersed in Him, us in Him, He in us, all in all, The ALL entwined and threaded in and through all.

Words cannot express the world we are NOW living in and the world that is now being revealed to us. But, for those believers that allow Him to raise us above the limitations of our corruptible self, all that is so inadequately listed above, and much, much more, is available to us right NOW, if we can dare to believe. So, my dear friend, don’t let one minute of this precious gift of life pass you by. Take time to pause and ponder, selah, and let the spirit of the Lord open your eyes and understanding to what is in your midst. Taste of the Lord, and see that He is good. Have no fear, He will bring it to you and will give it to you as each day is lived out. Be glad for the day that is NOW and experience it with an open face. This is the only Life you have, so live it to the fullest, love like you have never loved before, laugh with unbridled joy, reach out and share your Life with others, give of yourself without reserve, be blessed and then be a blessing. Embrace this Life and this Life will embrace you!


The End/Beginning


Written by Robert D Torango





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