From The Desk Of Bob Torango

From The Desk Of Bob Torango


Hello Dear Ones,

 I trust you are doing well as we travel this highway in the Kingdom of God! What an honor it is to be a part of the Plan of the Ages and to be alive in this particular hour in that Plan. God has always had a Plan! Even though the world at times looks as though it is spinning out of control, it is spinning according to an ordered chaos, laid out and executed by our awesome Father in bringing all men everywhere to the knowledge and transformation of His Son, Jesus Christ. For those that walk in this knowledge of the Plan of God, they no longer struggle with the affairs of the world order, nor do they fear what tomorrow may bring, for they know the sufficiency of their God and that He will not fail His creation. It is wonderful to rest in that knowledge!

 I want to give you a report on our recent October, 2007 Ingathering here in Dickson, TN. It was our 30th gathering this year, which is astounding to us, as it seems the years have just flown by. From our first Ingathering held in an old, converted pole barn down in a hollow in the woods, to our present location on a paved road in the City of Dickson, it has been a wondrous 30 years. As I look back at these many years, all of the people that walked through the doors and so many ministry that have been a part of our Ingatherings, it brings great joy to my heart. Charlotte and I have been blessed to have had so many dear friends participate in the gatherings, many of whom are gone now to the other side of the river, but their presence is still with us, urging us onward and upward. We are starting to see another generation of ministry rising up, taking hold of the mantle of Present Truth and handling it with integrity and righteousness. How our hearts rejoice when we hear a pure sound coming from the younger generation as we know that the Lord will always have a pure seed in the earth that have not sold their birthright to the Babylonian Religious System, but they are sanctified holy unto the Lord.

 This was one of the most anointed Ingatherings that we have ever had and it was due to the heart of the ministry being unified in Christ. Everyone that attended, both young and old in the Lord, gathered with a yielded spirit and the praises of the Lord rang throughout out time of being together. It was a sober time and a rejoicing time, as the word of the Lord demanded our full cooperation to allow the living word to do itís ďcurious workĒ in our hearts. As usual, Charlotte stayed in the heavens, allowing the Lord to direct her in the services. I thank the Lord for giving my wife such strength in her body, as she was able to sing and minister with a great flow of spirit and purpose. Bro. Ron Poch, from Georgia, opened up the Friday night service and set the order for the rest of the services to built upon. His word on the governmental order of this final hour was stirring and captivating. Bro. Jerry McGrath, from Georgia, was with us and blessed us with song and word. Jean Pratt, from Colorado, ministered to us on Saturday morning, teaching out of the scriptures as only she can, mixing the seriousness of the word with the humor of her expression. I always love to hear Sis Pratt kibitz with the other ministry, as she lovingly pokes fun at us all. Still, her word is a vital expression in this day and we thank God for her ministry. We had several new ministry that we had not had the pleasure to hear from minister in these meetings. I love to see the unity and flow of the spirit when it speaks through a manifold expression of many vessels. I ministered on Saturday evening about how it is vital that we allow the Lord to bring an end to old accounts in our lives, before we enter into the New. The scriptures mention ďthe endĒ many times, but it seems there are many different opinions to just what those two words are referring to. In my opinion, they must first be referring to our own being, and we must be able to come to the end of our own resources and life in order to lay it all down and take up the New Life in Christ. Sunday morning we heard from Ron Shreve, from Michigan, with a pure word and sound. Ron and Jan have been on our mailing list for many years now, but it was wonderful to see him and to hear his expression in the Lord. Then, Troy Nichols ministered to us about ministering to creation, and not to stay in our little circles but to allow the Lord to expand our vision. It was a needed word and brought balance to our hearts. Sunday night, we heard from our dear friend, Danny Crotts, from Arizona, who spoke to us about how God is changing our ministry and slowing us down to hear from Him and to stay on course. It was all beautiful, every word and song, brought forth to the glory of God.

 If you would like CDs or DVDs of these meetings, we will try to get them to you. I really donít know what the cost would be to send them, as I donít like to set prices on such priceless moments in God, but we do have to pay our own bills and keep our ministry financially sound. If you canít afford to send us any kind of offering, but you still feel the Lord wants you to have these recordings, then we will send them to you free of charge. If you can afford to send an offering for the recordings, we appreciate your sacrifice and hopefully it will help us send them to those that have nothing. The DVDs are cheaper to send, actually, as there are only 5 discs to duplicate, and there are 12 discs to the CD audio set. Just let us know which you prefer. Please allow extra time, as I am a one man office and I have many other projects to take care of, but I will try to get them to you in a timely manner.

 Be well in the Lord, dear friend, and know that the Lord is taking us places where we have never been before. All of this is new and none of us have ever come this way before. Donít be discouraged if things arenít taking place as soon as you want them to be done. God is forming an apothecary of word and praise and it is not something that takes place over night. Each ingredient must be handled with care and each element must be ground and mixed to the perfect substance. This apothecary is Godís prescription for a very sick world. When He is done, the nations will be healed and heaven and earth will be restored. Stay on course, letting the word of the Lord light your path, and expect great things from our God. God bless!




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