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The House That God Built, Volume One” is now available for your reading pleasure.


I am very happy to be able to offer to you this labor of love that has been birthed in my heart for many years and is now published and will be ready for distribution in September, 2006.


Originally written as a series of newsletter articles, and then printed out in book form, “The House That God Built”, Volume One is now available in a quality format and binding, having been edited with new comments included. I believe this to be a vital teaching for the True Church today, as we start to flow together as a Body of God’s expression in the earth. The Body of Christ has been dysfunctional in our recent history, separated from it’s parts and no supply of blood (life) to the members. But, there is a fresh breeze of God’s spirit moving upon the people of God in this hour, and it is my belief that we are going to witness a great healing in the Body of Christ. The design for this great restoration is as close to us as the body that we all live in each day. This human body has been designed by God according to a pattern of His Spiritual Body, of which He is the Head and Chief Cornerstone.


I pray that this book will enlighten the reader on how each one of us have a place in this great Body of Christ in the earth. The first Volume deals with the genetic Book of Life from which our bodies have been built, a house not built with hands, but by the design and purpose of our heavenly Father. This is the only House that God has designated as His true dwelling place! So, let us learn more about how this House has been designed and how it is to function, and as we do, may the Lord cause us to start to flow together as the expression of Christ in the earth, visiting the nations with His Love and Grace and the operation of His salvation and restoration.


If you would like to order a copy of “The House That God Built, Volume One, DNA - The Book of Life”, the cost is $11.95 per copy, with a $3.00 shipping and handling charge. If you know of anyone that is hungry for the greater truths of God, this book would make a great gift to them. There will be a discount price for anyone that orders 10 or more copies. We offer credit card purchases on our web site through Pay Pal, or you may send a check or money order or cash to our mailing address listed below. Please make all checks or money orders payable to The House Of The Lord.


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Thank you so much and we look forward to being able to share this revelation with you!


Excerpt from “The House That God Built, Volume One, DNA – The Book of Life


It is time for a reality check. This Word will not allow us to become protégés of Babylon. It will keep and sustain all who heed it’s call to the mountain. The one thing that seems to escape most people about this Word is that it is not a material Word. If you want to be a money-monger, better find another word. If you are looking for a ministry to be your career in life, better get another ministry. If you want to be popular and grandiose, better go the way of all the other celebrity preachers. But if you want God, in all of His pureness and substance, if you have a consuming desire to be His voice in the earth, if you are overcome by a love and adoration for Him, and if you are able to feel the hurt and need of creation, and want to bring an end to death and it’s effects on that creation, no matter where it takes you and no matter what it costs you, if you don’t care about who is for you, or who is against you, and if you can come to the understanding that none of this great Word involves YOU, bringing YOU to glory, giving YOU a crown, making YOU a king, giving YOU authority, giving YOU dominion, but if you can come to the realization that YOU are nothing, a mere vessel through which God can become all in all, then you may qualify to be one of the few, one of the chosen, that bear allegiance to no man, no church, no institution, no order, no government, no office, but their allegiance and duty is to one King, one Father, one Lord, one God, one Faith, one Covering, one Source.

These chosen vessels will not be found in the book of religious pedigree, for their lineage is not of this world. They are made up of every color, every culture, and every background. Their unity is not in race, or creed, or nationality, or statement of belief. They are unified by an invisible lineage of spirit, that cannot be formulated and copied by the religious mind. A crimson thread of destiny and purpose binds them together, and they only find fellowship in the presence of their Lord. Some of these vessels don’t speak to each other or see each other but maybe once or twice a year, if that, and yet they would give their lives for one another, and do so on a regular basis. Without any manmade structure of government these vessels are walking in a strength and peace that cannot be swayed. Their steps are ordered by their Lord and they are committed to Him, full or empty, rich or poor, in health or sickness, in the midst of thousands or a few, they are constantly learning of God’s ways and their mouth is filled with thanksgiving and praise. They serve a mighty God, a loving God, One that will never leave them nor forsake them. They are His for the taking, to lead into hell itself if necessary to minister a Word to the prisoners. They open not their mouth, no complaint passes their lips, they count all the wealth and glory of this world as dung, but to gain the pleasure of their Heavenly Father. They are not children, full of tantrums of discontent, but they are Sons of Thunder, Angels of Light, Messengers of Glad Tidings, Heirs of a Kingdom that they already know will be handed back to the Father when all is finished and done. They have no desire to be praised and glorified by men, but only one voice of praise will appease them, and for that Voice they will climb mountains and cross rivers and scale fortress walls to bring glory to that majestic Name. They are their Father’s children, born of an incorruptible seed, showing forth His attributes and character, dealing out mercy for vileness, peace for pain, forgiving their enemies and laying nothing to their charge. They can take no glory for any of these acts, for they have ceased to exist, having lost their life in Christ, they are now found only in Him. They have come to a place where, left to their own strength and ability, they are not able to preach anymore, going dumb when the Christ does not enable them to speak. Until Christ comes on the scene, they are stupid and ignorant, not able to even tell you what they believe or preach. But when Christ does appear, they become orators supreme, mouth pieces of the Voice of Many Waters, trumpets of God whose sounding forth brings hell to its knees and jubilee to all in hell’s debt. When Christ appears they are the very expression of God in the earth, His jewels and crystals, showering the earth with their rays of light, shining forth unto them that sit in the regions of the shadows of death.

DNA is meant to keep the order of life in the house. There is an order of life, an invisible law, written into each one of our cells, that overrides that cell’s individual existence and causes it to cease to live for itself. We also, as members in particular of this great House that God has built, must abide by a law of Life, an innate knowledge and understanding that we must be connected to the Vine to have life and we must live and walk in God as a Corporate Man, joined by a generational kinship, that tells us that we are of the same form and fashion and we are in the highest and truest sense of the word, Kinsmen.



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