Deceptions Of The Mind

Part Three – The Finished Work (2)


           To begin this 3rd installment of our series on Deceptions Of The Mind, I want to thank each one that has taken the time to write to me concerning their view and opinions on this subject. It has been one of those subjects that has struck a chord in the hearts of the kingdom people and the response has been tremendous. One of the main purposes for this series has been to instigate discussion concerning whether or not we can be deceived and if so, are we to exercise discernment pertaining to those things being ministered to us, or are we to receive all things as being of God and hence being truthful. My viewpoint is that we are to examine those things written and spoken to see if they be true or not. Of course, if you are of the opinion that all things are true, this would be non-applicable to you, and there are many who call themselves “kingdom” that think along those lines. But, for the rest of us that hold truth in such regard as being the most precious of gifts from our heavenly Father, I do offer this writing as a confirmation to you to apply those tools of discernment that the Lord has given you to judge the words of the messenger and see if they are life or death. Of course, we judge the message and not the messenger, leaving the vessel to the Lord to deal with and to reward or correct, according to His will. Again, for those that do not believe that God is correcting or maturing us at this present time, this thought would be foreign and without merit, but for those that believe that they are being processed into a fit representative of the fullness of God in the earth by an ongoing succession of dealings and testings that are being orchestrated by our Father to reveal in us that image and likeness that has been imbedded and placed within us by the design of God, I say to you to carry on, fight the good fight, run the race and cross the finish line.

            There are certain aspects of the kingdom message that seem to be hot points of difference. Deception is one of them, undoubtedly, but there are others that are equally controversial. To list a few, “are we one with God, and if so, are we God?”, “is Jesus the Christ, or are we all universally the Christ?”, “are the scriptures still viable to our walk today, or are we to look upon them as merely outdated references to past orders?” and many more that we don’t have the time to address in this article. It is interesting that the nominal churches don’t make much fuss about these type of questions outside of their schools of higher education, leaving these questions to be discussed and concluded amongst professors of theology and future scholars and leaders of the religious system. But, we are not so fortunate, seeing as to how we are ministering a message that automatically demands some measure of theological thought, mainly concerning the final outcome of God’s plan of the ages and the consummation of His dealings with creation. We have concluded, without any schooling or tutelage from professors of divinity, that God will be all in all. We see no need for a degree of anything to come to that conclusion, since the scriptures state thus with absolute clarity.

1 Cor 15:24-28

24         Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power.

25         For he must reign, till he hath put all enemies under his feet.

26         The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

27         For he hath put all things under his feet. But when he saith, all things are put under him, it is manifest that he is excepted, which did put all things under him.

28         And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all. (KJV)

            Even with such clarity in the scriptures, we know that there are many that call themselves “kingdom” that do not see the final conclusion of salvation to all men, but either believe in eternal damnation or the strange belief that lost souls are condemned to utter annihilation, thus sparing themselves the awkwardness of being in the presence of the Lord while others are eternally punished. Such is the state of those that label themselves “kingdom”, which has become a boiling pot of such contrasting opinions that one has to wonder how they could all be so common to each other and yet so opposite in many ways.

While I believe that God has allowed this variety of opinions to this point, I do believe that we are going to see a line drawn in the midst of us, and we will see the different views start to form walled cities and consolidation of groups will begin to be seen. Alliances are being made, plans are being laid out and there is much realignment beginning to take place, especially amongst those that accept all things as truth! I know it sounds like a contradiction, but the fact is that those that say they accept all beliefs as truth are actually very intolerant of those that have a differing opinion than their own. Those that are claiming they are finished and fully processed and are manifested sons of God are displaying the most glaring evidences of being unfinished, at times spewing the same venomous words at their detractors that can be heard in the camps of the organized church. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be hilarious to see the reaction of these pretenders when put to the test. They all have buttons that can be readily pressed that will reveal the same Adamic reaction that all of creation operates out of on a daily basis. With all their getting, they haven’t apprehended that which they proclaim and the only thing they have are empty words, delusional phrases that they keep repeating, but without the life that should be present at such profound utterances. They live in a kingdom that is ethereal and other-worldly, with no expectations beyond the utterance itself.

            The true kingdom of God that Jesus and His apostles taught about is not a kingdom of the mind, a higher intelligence or consciousness, but a dimension that is very real and can be tangible and will be attainable, not just in our mind, but in our spirit, soul and body. As of right now, it is an invisible kingdom, contained within the hearts of men and women, but in the final analysis, it will be seen in the earth and will be a domain that is inhabited by God’s children. When we preach a kingdom that is made up of empty slogans and meaningless statements of psychological divinity, we have left the original purpose of the kingdom coming to earth through Jesus Christ. He started the process of invading this material world with a kingdom that will not pass away, originating in the spirit but destined to take on form and structure through a company of sons that will visit the earth with a heavenly dominion and will take the kingdoms of this world and make them the kingdom of our Lord and Savior. This earthly planet is destined to be filled with the government of Jesus Christ, which will be enforced and enacted by a fully matured, fully developed, fully transfigured, fully restored, fully changed, fully transformed, fully saved, fully redeemed, fully empowered, fully dead, fully alive, fully surrendered, fully united, fully ascended, fully cleansed company of priest-kings. All that they are, is that which the Father has purposed for them to be. If you think you are all that right now, you are delusional and in need of a true renovation of your mind and heart.

            I am not expecting to live throughout eternity with a kingdom that is imprisoned within my mind, thinking myself to be something and then denying everything that indicates that I am not that. I do not believe in a kingdom of denial and I don’t think we have been brought into this majestic realm of God-life to dwell on a cloud of good thoughts, strumming our harp of perfection throughout eternity. We have come to earth to accomplish something that will affect the order of everything on earth. I see a kingdom of God that is breaking out upon the earth, crossing over the chasm between the natural and the spiritual and will not stop until everything that has borne the image of the earthly will also bear the image of the heavenly. Everything in earth has a duplicate image in the heavens! Whatever I am in my heavenly image, will eventually be compounded with my earthly image. My heaven and my earth will come together in the Lord and a new man will walk in this new earth-heaven state of being.

One of the greatest teachings on this coming salvation and deliverance that is above and beyond anything that Pentecost has demonstrated is found in the following verses.

Matt 16:15-20

15         He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?

16         And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.

17         And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.

18         And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

19         And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

20         Then charged he his disciples that they should tell no man that he was Jesus the Christ.(KJV)

Notice what verbiage Peter uses when describing Jesus. THE Christ, THE Son of THE living God. You can’t leave Jesus out of the Christ, for He was made both Lord and Christ through His life, death, burial and resurrection. However, we are to be endued with that Life, integrated with it, bonded to it, compounded with it, until we lose our identity that has been and become fashioned into a new compound of God and man, a God-man. Not a God, but a God-man, a compound of God and mankind, a holy and sacred union of spirit and earth that yields a truly finished work of redemption, not an intellectual thought of who we are, but a tangible, touchable, visible expression of our Father in the pattern of Jesus our Redeemer and Head. Without Jesus, the man, there would be no Jesus the Christ. But, since He came as man, in the fashion and form of man, He has purchased for us an anointing that we can live and walk and breath by, a life that we can experience through Him. In my opinion, we are not THE Christ, but we are joined to THE Christ and are clothed with THE Christ. Now, I am not a theologian, and I don’t expect that there are many, if any, theologians that are reading this article, so we must be conscious of the lack we minister out from when discussing these types of matters. But, neither do I feel the need to become a theologian to state them, since there are hundreds of theologians in the world today that can’t agree with each other on the most basic and fundamental concepts about God, so I will rest in that reality. Many believe themselves to be as much Christ as Jesus was Christ, and I do not think this to be true. Neither do I believe that I am presently a finished product in the measure that Jesus the Christ is at this present time, but I have the utmost confidence that He that has started this good work in us, will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

            We have been brought to this dimension, not to settle for what is in the past, but to build upon that which has been accomplished, finished, in Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago. Some will say, “we can’t finish what He finished any better than He did back then.” I agree, but read what Jesus said concerning the work that He had come to earth to perform and finish, a work that was finished in the Father before the foundations of the world.

John 4:34

34         Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.(KJV)

John 5:36

36         But I have greater witness than that of John: for the works which the Father hath given me to finish, the same works that I do, bear witness of me, that the Father hath sent me. (KJV)

My position is that, even though the work was finished in the first Son, Jesus Christ, that work must be activated and manifested in all that believe upon Him. Therefore, even Jesus could not just declare the work was finished in the Father in the beginning, but He knew that He must now become that finished work in the earth and that the works that come forth from that finished work would give Him a greater witness than John the Baptist, who was a voice in the wilderness, but could only speak words about Jesus, until Jesus Himself appeared to act those words out. We will act this word out! We will perform the word of God, and will fulfill it in the earth! Thank God that we will not be preaching this word forever, but will eventually become the word in action, performing all that is contained in the scriptures concerning us.

            If you are able to do this now, then I will accept that you are finished and not subject to any more instructions or corrections in the Father. You may now leave the room and shut the door quietly behind you. For the rest of us, those that remain, we will continue to bolster our confidence in God concerning His ability to complete that which has been started in us. He will not leave your soul in hell, but will bring you forth without the smell of smoke!

            Recently, while ministering in a Conference, I heard this word come out of me as the spirit of the Lord spoke to the people that had gathered unto Him. It has helped me to focus upon Him as never before and has given me even more strength to move on in Him. He spoke to my heart that we are entering a most holy place in the Lord, upon the same scale and impact as those times recorded in the scriptures that describe certain times when God appeared in the midst of His people in such a way that the very lives of men were in jeopardy if they moved out of order. When God wanted to talk to Israel out of the mount, the sight was so frightening that the Israelites told Moses to talk to God for them. The Lord told them to not approach the mount and not to let anything living approach the boundaries of it, or else that living thing would die. I was reminded how the ark of the covenant was being transported through the land and when it rocked, a man was killed trying to steady it. Even in the early church, when Ananias and Sapphira lied about hidden profits, they fell dead at the feet of the Apostles. Now, relax, I am not saying that any of us will drop dead because of disobedience, but I am wanting us to understand and realize what is taking place in our midst and how our relationship and walk in the Lord can move into a new, consequential realm as sacred and holy events start to take place.

We are on the edge of a new experience in the Lord for the corporate sons, and we are going to have to be ready for a new dealing of God to be placed upon those that are willing to allow Him to finish this work in their life. This is not the time to become lax and casual about what we are about to enter into in God. We are pressing into a realm of great consequence, that has the power to move things, to correct ancient weaknesses, not a passive realm but a realm of pressure and transformation that must be approached with much awareness and caution. It is not the time to bandy about like children with an innocent little toy, but this which we are being caught up into is the same environment in which people of other dispensations encountered dire results from their foolishness. This is the time to focus, to be aware as never before that this place that our feet rest upon is nothing less than the very dwelling place of the most holy God! Flesh is not to be heard nor seen in this place. This is not the time to ramble on psychotically about our Godness, but this is the time for silence and humility. Shoes are to be discarded on this holy ground, tongues are to be harnessed, heads must be bowed, necks bent before the Ancient of Days. We must wait upon the Lord, be not quick to speak or to act, but learn patience in this place, for it is where angels tremble and the heavens are silenced by the impending performance of His will.

We are in a moment that is pregnant with heavenly expectations, bulging with pressure to be released in the earth, a new creation man formed and imprinted with the icon of his Father. It is not a time for childish temperaments, but is a time for steadiness and calm. We must not be casual in handling this Day, for in the midst of the life of it, there is dreadful and unquenchable fire that will test us to see what is wood and hay and stubble and what is gold and silver. It is not a realm of duplicity and double talk, but it is concise and we must hear it the first time and understand it’s meaning. We must be seasoned, tested and made sure to remain in this place. We cannot afford to be amateurish, bush league, loose tongued, extravagant, reckless, boorish, or flippant concerning it’s purpose and action in our life. Your life is not safe here. If you fear losing your life, this place is not for you. Only a few will remain in this place of immense consequence, and they are those that have relinquished their love of self and have disappeared into God. You can’t find them with your flesh, they are not here, they have arisen, beyond the touch of carnality, into the folds of God’s presence. Be still in this place, as much as you hear the words being spoken to you, you must also feel them, let their weight be felt upon your soul, until you realize this is not what we have known in days gone by, this is something more, something beyond our experience in Him.

For those of you that are yielding to His testings, I want you to know that heaven is gathered around you, closing in on us as clouds gathering on a mountain top, condensing in our midst with a palpable presence. All heaven is here, much as when the first man was formed from the dust of the ground, and breathed into by the breath of his Maker, we are being reformed, only this time it is not spirit entering an earthly body, but an earthly body entering spirit. You are in the womb of formation, the furnace of His making, nothing can deliver you out of His hands, He will have His way. Not things above, not things beneath, not principalities, not thrones, not dominions, not things past nor things present nor things to come, not things under the earth, nor things above the earth, you are in the hands of a living God who will not be denied of His intent in you. He has separated you unto Himself and in His jealousy He will not leave you to another. This is not the time to relax, it is the time to spring to your feet, to stand before the Lord in a stance of sacrifice and offering. It is not the time for the boast, to talk trash about yourself, it is the time to mention the name of the Lord and to enter into heart worship. It is not the time to go running hither and yon, but it is the time of confinement and tightness. It is not the time to be loose and free, it is the time to be grounded and established, unshakeable. I don’t hear the word of freedom right now, I hear the word of enslavement to Christ, servants of His will, prisoners of Jesus Christ, locked up, bolted down, strapped into Him.

This is a strait gate, a narrow way that few find. It is not the broad, beaten down path that leads to destruction. I have heard it said many times, all paths lead to God, but I don’t believe that is entirely true. The journey itself will end up in God, but some paths have only one destination and that is destruction, dissimilation, judgment and nakedness. Those paths must be abandoned, back tracked, until we find the path that leads to life. There is only one way to life and there is only one path to God, and that path is to know Jesus Christ as your Savior and Redeemer. It is not the time to run down every rabbit trail that presents itself. It is not the time to run off to hear just anyone talk about God and giggle at their audacity to speak blasphemy. It is the time to behave directly opposite than many are behaving today in the kingdom realm. It may be in the plan for those that aren’t called and chosen to go into the kind of realm that I have just described, but for those of you that I believe I am writing this article for, you that have pulled this out of my spirit by your groaning and travailing to see the pure and undefiled Day of the Lord in your midst, you must not follow these pipers of mirage and delusion, but you must be even more particular about all that you allow into your spirit than at any other time in your walk in God.

You have never been in a place like this in your prior experience in Christ. This is where strong men fail and the haughty are brought down to the earth. We must become picky about what we eat, smell it, examine it, handle it, turn it over and turn it over again, test it and then eat it. Do you think that you might offend God by your caution? Don’t you know that the Lord Himself warned His disciples not to eat of the leaven of the Pharisee’s? Today, if we give such a warning to the kingdom ranks, we are ridiculed as not letting God handle such things and that we are not believing the Lord to be able to keep His own flock. Was Jesus also fearful and unable to trust His Father to keep His followers? I think not, but rather He was wanting them to become as knowledgeable as Himself about such things, that the leaven of the Pharisee’s was not an innocent thing, but there was death in the pot and if you ate of it, you would become sick from it. So, I am telling us all, beware of the dangers of deception and don’t eat anything until you have judged it by the spirit of the Lord.

Too many saints act like they are living in a spiritual all-you-can-eat buffet in the kingdom, where everything that is put on the table is fit for consumption, but it just is not so. I have found that even when someone knows that something can hurt them, they live in the delusion that they will be the one exception to that rule. Right now, for example, even after all of the initial warnings of how casual sex can transmit such life ending diseases as AIDS and oral and genital herpes, and many other life changing atrocities, you can see cars lining up on the streets where prostitutes sell their bodies, going from one car to another to have intimate contact with the car’s occupants, without even taking the time to wash themselves, and every one of the men in the waiting cars are absolutely sure that they are the one exception to catching any diseases. They actually believe that a miracle will happen for them to escape such harm. Even so, there are many in the kingdom ranks that will tell you that they cannot be deceived, that they don’t see any harm in participating in sessions of witchcraft, séances, channeling, tarot cards, crystals, etc., each one believing that they are the exception to the rule.

In the first article of this series, I listed a shocking list of conditions that people just like you and me found themselves in by thinking exactly this same way. Some of you couldn’t believe that anyone could get involved in such outrageous activities, and yet they have and they do right today. Yet, many wrote to me that regardless of all of this evidence, they still believed that they could partake of anything and it would not harm them, for they were manifested sons. I might as well wave goodbye to you right now and tell you that I will see you in the next resurrection, because you are not the exception to the rule, you are flesh and blood just like the rest of us and that road will lead to destruction. I used to be one of the directors of a popular drug program in Detroit, Michigan and saw the end result of such foolishness, strong and proud men and women, thinking they would use the drug and the drug wouldn’t use them, reduced to skin and bones, the walking dead, all because they thought they were the exception. I am not trying to scare you, although I would if I thought it would help you, but I am merely telling you that caution will serve you well in this realm of consequence.

You are no longer walking in the innocence of past orders, wide eyed and gangly legged, trying your wings out. You are being called into the throne, dear one!! This isn’t the playground where children are expected to be children, this is power and dominion, life and death, a creative force that must be wielded with accuracy and professional craftsmanship. Some revel in the fact that they are no longer under law and have become a lawless son. I am reminded of a time when traveling throughout the USA in the ministry, I had purchased a CB Radio, (before we all started using cell phones!), so I could keep up with traffic reports. I remember listening to the truckers calling out to each other, with reports of where the police cars were located so the truckers wouldn’t get speeding tickets. Usually, it went sort of like, “Hey good buddy, give me a smoky report. How’s your back door looking?” Then the reply, “Yeah, good buddy, push the pedal to the medal, I haven’t seen a bear in the woods for 30 miles!” One day, I heard it said a little different by a wise old trucker, who when called upon to give a police location report stated, “Yeah, good buddy, you are clear and free from all police protection for the next 40 miles. Use extreme caution and stay safe!” One set of people see the police and the law as something to try to skirt around and avoid, so they can be free to bend the rules as they see fit, but another set of people see the police as a protective force, looking out for their safety. There has been many a person that has had a flat tire on a deserted patch of highway that would be thrilled to see the law in their midst again, but for most people the law only serves as a convenience at times of need.

So it is, in this time of historical transition in the Day of the Lord, we are without the safety net of the scholars and theologians of Babylon. How much more should we be even more cautious, seeing that there are not many amongst us that are able and strong? This is not the time to hand our inheritance over to a bunch of amateurish theologians who flippantly deal with eternal principles like they were selling cotton candy. The only credential most of these “deep” teachers have is the purchase of a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, something that many believe qualifies them as a Greek scholar! We show more caution in buying a used car then we do in buying the truth. At least when buying the car, we will kick the tires a little bit, look under the hood, make sure the steering wheel is in place and all four wheels are holding air. But, let someone start making the rounds of the kingdom groups telling everyone they are God, Jesus is an after thought, they have an immortal body and God couldn’t kill them if He wanted to, all of which I have actually heard said or read it in a writing, and people will swallow that deception line, hook, sinker and pole, without even a hint of wondering if it could possibly be untrue. They have casual faith, and in such a time of mass deception, the end will be a season of destruction, until the Lord calls them back to the path. Like the prodigal son, they will eventually come to their right mind, but there will be hell to pay until that happens. By the way, I don’t recall the prodigal just continuing along his way after his mind cleared, but the scriptures state that he RETURNED back to his father’s house. All paths do not lead onward, some are dead ends.

Let us not be paralyzed with fear of being deceived, but let us be alert to the dangers also. If you and I were in a fenced yard, and someone yelled, “SNAKE!”, it would be up to us to use our judgment to decide whether we wanted to stay in that yard or not. Some people would leave at first warning, but others would stay but keep their eyes open to the fact that they shouldn’t be walking in high grass at that moment. Let us trust God, but also use our God-given sense to use caution when warned. I do not hesitate to tell you, right now, that I see a snake in our midst. What you do about that warning is between you and the Lord and I am not going to try to drag you out of that yard. My only purpose is to give the warning and let God be God in the midst of His people. I feel that we are in need of some serious inventory concerning what we see in the Lord. My prayer for you is that you will see clearly the path before you and that you will not blindly follow someone else that declares they are on the right path.

Know the Lord’s voice in your own being, first. Before you follow anyone else, come to know the nature of God by communicating with Him in your own being. So many say to me, “I don’t know the voice of the Lord and I can’t tell what is life or death.” For a long time, I had to rely on my wife to hear the Lord for crucial decisions in our life. Although I could minister under the anointing and get so lost in the spirit that I could hear the Lord speak to me while ministering to His people, when I needed to hear His voice outside of the time of being caught up in the ministry, I had a lack in doing so. I just was not able to hear a clear instruction that I could be confident that was from the Lord and not my own mind and Charlotte has always had an ear to hear the Lord. Over the many years that we have been together and walked together in the Lord, I started to become more and more hungry to hear the Lord for myself and started to spend more time listening for that certain word in me that I could identify as the voice of the Lord. Eventually, I became aware of the sound of His voice, the clarity of it, and His voice took on a distinction to my ear that I have come to know as the voice of my Beloved, a voice that I would follow to the ends of the world. I pray that you also will take the time, and have the patience to learn your Father’s voice, until you can depend upon it and have confidence in it. It will eventually come to be that you will start to know something beyond the mere voice, and you will start to come to know the nature behind the voice, and once you learn the nature of God, you will always be able to measure everything else up to that divine signature, to see if it is counterfeit or real. How do men tell the counterfeit from the real in monetary terms? They hold it up to the light! May you do the same with truth. God bless.

By Robert D Torango

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