October 09, 2016

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A Time Of Trumpets

Part Eleven


“The Visible Expression Of An Invisible God”




1 Cor 1:23-31

23 But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness;

24 But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God.

25 Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

26 For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:

27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:

29 That no flesh should glory in his presence.

30 But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption:

31 That, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.    KJV


            The Trumpet is sounding loud and clear, for all that have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to His chosen ones. For such a time as this have we been summoned to this place in God’s present time of His dealings with those vessels that are hand-picked by the hand of God to bring into this earth a visible expression of the invisible God. His appearing is at hand! It is not a future event, but an ongoing unveiling of the indwelling Christ in the hearts of true believers. Even as the morning dawns on the earth in a gradual but inexorable march against the darkness of night, so it is that the glory of the Lord in the hearts of His people is bringing light and hope to the world through the Gospel of God’s exhaustive restitution of all things in Him. Day by day, we see the glory of the Lord rising up out of the horizon of our being, filling us with the warm rays of His love and grace.

Whenever the Trumpet of the Lord sounds, it signals a change of order. As one glory starts to fade and diminish, a new and greater glory rises to take its place. Let me be clear, the old glory is not destroyed, it is simply no longer relevant for those that are passing through the former glory in order to come into their destined realization in their journey into God. For those that have been ordained to stay in the passing order, it is an abiding light unto them and it will continue to minister to them according to the will of God. For those of us that are called to move on, however, the passing order will become increasingly non-effective in ministering to our spirit, until we become willing to surrender to the leading of the spirit and move on to the more excellent glory that makes it’s presence known. When Paul wrote that he “died daily”, I believe this is the process that he was referring to, especially considering how the Spirit worked in his life to separate him from the teachings of the Law into the Truth of God’s immeasurable grace. As Paul continued to surrender to the progressive dealings of the spirit of God, he then came to the reason for God having selected him as one “born out of season”, in order to bring to the Apostles and the Church of Jesus Christ the revelation of the great reconciliation for all men everywhere, Jew and Gentile alike. Paul recognized that he was held back in God’s timeline for a specific purpose, to bring forth a message to the church and ultimately to the world involving the all-encompassing reach of that blessed death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ that extended far beyond the seed of physical Israel. All of this came from a pure revelation of Jesus brought to Paul from the spirit of God, without having known Jesus after the flesh. It is no coincidence that the majority of the New Testament is made up of the writings of the revelation given to Paul by the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

It is the intent of God to bring the present day Church back into the original purpose and design of His great restorative plan for His creation. The Church, the Body of Christ, is the visible expression of the invisible God, but the True Church is scattered and hid in all regions of the globe, unknown and unseen, yet very much involved in the progressive unveiling of the Head from which the Body gets its life. Once the Body is brought under the rule and power of the Head, it will be set for a global appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ to the nations. However, before this happens, many things must take place first. The next step for the Church is the forming of a First Fruit Company of sons, through whom the Lord Jesus will intervene on behalf of His Bride and rearrange the heavens into a new arrangement that will bring order to God’s creation.

In order to accomplish this, He is separating out from the organized church systems of Babylon a company of called out ones, made up of those that have been designated to flow in the order of a king/priest nature. Much of the original message of Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul has been lost by reason of the conformity of the ministry of the present day church systems to the spirit and nature of the worldly appetites and lusts inherent in the religious arena. The “church” that we see today is not the Bride of Christ that we read about in the scriptures. The True Church is in hiding, living in a place in God that has been prepared for her, where the Red Dragon cannot find her. In the book of Revelation, the 12th chapter, we see 2 wonders in heaven, a glorious woman, clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. We also find out that she is with child and travailing to bring this child to birth. As is always the case, as soon as the first wonder of the woman appears, a second wonder comes into manifestation. The second wonder is the Red Dragon, the deceiver of the world and the adversary of the Church. The Dragon stands before the Woman ready to devour her child as soon as it is born, but when the Woman gives birth, the child is caught up unto God and to His Throne. The Woman is the True Church and the man-child is the instrument by which God will bring His Kingdom into expression in heaven and earth and bring the rule and reign of Jesus Christ into effect.

So, here is our present scenario. The Woman, The True Church, made up of those saints that have not bowed their knees to the image of the beast, is caught up into a place in the spirit where the influences of the Dragon cannot find Her. She is being nourished in this place for a length of time, until Her child is of mature age. The Man-Child is not in the earth and neither is he in heaven, as he is being raised and developed in the Throne of God and the presence of his Father. The Man-Child is being formed right now as the Lord calls forth His First-Fruits to become One with Him. The Dragon has been cast into the realm of the earth, to wage war with the remnant of the seed of the Woman that are also in the earth. These are those that keep the commandments of God and they have the testimony of Jesus Christ. It is important for us to be able to discern just where all of these figures are and what they are doing, as we need to know where we are in the midst of all of these scenarios.

I believe we that have ears to hear the Seventh Trump of God are the Man-Child Company, those of us that have been called out of Babylon and given a New Name in Christ. By reason of the vast deception that has taken place on the part of God’s people over the last 2 centuries, we need to redefine who the Man-Child is. At one point, we thought he may be those that came into the great Pentecostal outpouring in the early part of the 20th century, or perhaps those that embodied the great movement of the Latter Rain in the 1950’s, or maybe those that heard the word of the Sonship message in the 1960’s and 1970’s, or those that heard the Kingdom message in the latter part of the Twentieth Century. Surely, this Man-Child company was made up of those that came into the message of Reconciliation and the Feast of Tabernacles! Sad to say, as of this very moment, all of these great Truths of the Revelation of Jesus Christ are being promoted and preached in the religious systems of the Whore of Babylon and have become a part of the money making business of the false church.

I remember driving home to Tennessee from a ministry trip to the west coast when the spirit of the Lord spoke like a trumpet into my being. The spirit said that the word of Reconciliation was going to be taught in the large, religious churches world-wide and the leaders of those churches were going to open their pulpits to this message. I became very excited when I heard this, but then I heard the spirit say that I was to separate myself from this movement because it was an abomination of flesh and greed. In my own mind, I thought it would be an answer to prayer if the large churches started to hear the Truth of Reconciliation, but to my dismay, I started to witness the gradual mutation of the true message of Reconciliation into a more palatable version by ministry that wanted the lifestyle and wealth that comes from being a part of the Babylonian Kingdom. The Whore of Babylon is the spirit of lust for power, wealth, influence, esteem, popularity, all at the expense of those sincere people of God that are searching for the answers to their lives.

At this time, the True Message of the Kingdom of God is being assimilated and intertwined with the spirit of the Dragon and is masquerading as the True Man-Child through deception and divination. This is a hard word and I do pray you know I am not trying to offend anyone, but it is paramount that I obey the Lord in speaking this word to those that are hand-picked by the spirit of God to be brought forth into this priest/king order. It truly brings fear into my heart to even speak on these things, but the time is at hand when there is going to be a spirit-induced division in the ranks of so-called Kingdom believers and each man is going to be placed in their chosen order and rank according to the preordained placement of God. Believe me when I say, dear ones, that this will not be an easy time for us. A plumb line is being drawn in the midst of the kingdom ranks and it will divide asunder the ministry in such a way that has never been seen before.

God is going to judge the merchandising of the Truth that is being played out by those that have prostituted themselves for the favor and reward of the Babylonian system. By judgment I mean that the spirit of the Lord is going to make a clear line of demarcation between the pure Truth and the malignant message of Babylon’s priests, just like He did when He separated the darkness from the Light in Genesis. That is what righteous judgment means, to make a difference between two things. In today’s arena of the “ME” generation, there is a predetermined agenda going on that is meant to blur the lines of right and wrong that is being played out on every scale of human life, from the political circus, to the religious celebrity envy, to the social media craze, to the homogenized inter-faith movements. This agenda is to accept everything as it is and to remove any stigma of righteous standards, bringing condemnation and social and economic consequences on those that dare to hold to the great eternal Truths of change of character and nature as promised by our Heavenly Father.

For those of us that have been privileged to get a glimpse of the Finished Man in Christ Jesus, we know that only through the fiery dealings and the process of reformation and transformation of this divided house will we see creation become whole again. There is such a dark agenda against any attempt to discern the woeful condition of mankind that we are now seeing a steady advancement of denying the scriptural evidence of there being an original sin or any sin condition as far as that goes. As hard as it may be to believe, this message is finding its way into those kingdom circles that have attached themselves to the methodology and theology of the Babylonian psyche, creating a social religiosity that tries to skew the Truth into a false ideology of an unconditional relationship with God. For these masters of deception, they teach that God is not interested in changing you, as He has an unconditional love for you, which they teach simply means that He doesn’t mind you being in a fallen state and condition, its alright with Him and you can just Rock on Baby! The true insight into God’s unconditional love for His creation is that He will not let our fallen condition stand in the way of His plan of reinstating us back into our original state and condition we had with Him in the beginning!

By reason of His love, He will not leave our soul in hell, neither will He suffer His Holy One to see corruption. We are the clay, He is the Potter. The clay cannot say to the Potter he is happy being a lump of clay and he doesn’t see any reason why he should be placed on the Potter’s Wheel and go through a process of losing his lumpy clay form and take on a glorious new form, fit for the Master’s use. Today, we see a religious priesthood that is leading people into an ideology of “you’re ok, I’m ok, we are all ok.” The fact is, we are all dying from a condition of decay and corruption, but our Father has a plan for our glorification through the glory of His Son! For this corruptible must put on incorruption and this mortality will put on immortality and we will be changed! In the social gospel that is preached by the Babylonian priesthood, the message of the Kingdom is being presented as a ‘feel good” message. The Apostle Paul would have a conniption if he were alive today! In I Corinthians, the 5th and 6th chapters, he instructs the Church of Corinth to throw out those believers that exhibit carnal lusts and destructive behavior. He says that even though he is not there physically, he is still able to judge such ones that do gross unrighteous acts, actually instructing them to turn such a one over to Satan for the destruction of their body and the saving of their soul. Paul meant business! Today, the only business we see in the charismatic/kingdom ranks is the kind that waters down Truth in order to keep those warm bodies in the seats and the money rolling into the pockets of the ministry.

The Truth is not popular! Whenever you see a large multitude of folks in a church, forming a mega-corporation of hiring and firing staff, fundraising projects, outreach programs and so on, I can guarantee you that they are not teaching the Truth. Truth hurts and challenges us to change our lives and become living epistles of God. The mega-corporations promote a message of self-help, a vanilla, milky message that teaches you how to make it through your day without giving up on life. Whenever Truth is taught, there will be a purging of the sinful life and a stripping of the false, outer mask of the believer’s persona, replaced by a pure and honest heart which inspires them to go on to the full salvation that is their inheritance. When I first came into the message of the Kingdom, I was a young man and traveled in the ministry. I was invited to minister at a large church in California, which was a popular place for many of the big-time ministers of that day, such as T.L. Osborn, who was scheduled to come the following week. The Pastor was moved by the anointing that God had placed on me and he sat me down in his office one night and proceeded to court me to join the “circuit” of ministry that he belonged to, explaining that I had to have a “sponsor” that would open doors for me. He wanted to be my sponsor and he assured me that I would become rich by all of the large churches that would open their doors to my ministry. He did, however, list some things that needed to change. First, I needed to stop preaching that sons of God stuff. The people don’t like that kind of preaching, he said, and it would only stir up trouble. Next, I needed to be taught how to take up an offering. He then laid out three piles of envelopes on his desk. This pile was the $10 dollar envelopes, this pile was the $50 envelopes and this pile was the $100 envelopes. Each pile would be designated by a certain type of prophecy that I would give, according to the amount of the gift. For $10 it would be a general blessing, for $50 it would involve a promise of continued wealth for the giver, for $100 the sky was the limit, just lay it on thick and write them a ticket to the glories of God. He assured me that he would teach me how to do this like a pro and that he had his own people trained in this way and the money just rolled into his ministry. He then told me that I needed to invent some kind of missionary project, so the people would give into that project and I would be able to profit from the funds. He said orphanages were the best projects, as the people really gave into that sort of thing. Finally, he smiled a toothy grin at me and said that since he would be my sponsor, he would get a 30% cut from all the offerings, but that amount may go up when I really started the money ball rolling. He then sat back and said, “This is your lucky day Son!” It sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? To think that this is “business as usual” in the back rooms of the Babylonian priesthood hierarchy and the people of God just continue to give and give into such an atrocity. Of course, I may have had my doubts if someone were to tell me that these “men of God” would do such things, but after that office meeting I then knew they did this and much worse things, all in the name of Christ. I got out of my seat and walked out and never looked back, but my eyes were open to the fact that snakes were alive and well in the fields of the church and they were the 2 legged variety.

We cannot be naïve concerning these disturbing facts of where lust and greed have taken those ministries that become addicted to the money and celebrity of the charismatic/kingdom circles. They will only speak enough truth to separate themselves from the Pentecostal ranks, but they will keep enough smoke and mirrors embedded within the message to not be taken to task by the people that they are fleecing. That is why we cannot become a part of this unbelievable deception that is being acted out in front of our eyes. I wish I would not have to even write on these things, but it is a time in God where we must define the Day that we are participating in and separate it from the darkness. The covering is coming off of the evil workings of the ministers of Satan and what has been done in the darkness will be brought into the light. The judgments of God begin with us and we will either bow to them in a spirit of humility and surrender or we will be unbowed in the arrogance of our ego and suffer the consequences. Once again, I am not writing this to those in the world, without the knowledge of Christ, I am writing this to my own household of the faith, especially to those that have been blessed with a ministry of leadership. We must take stock of how we have handled our affairs in the position of teaching God’s people and let the spirit of the Lord “unleaven” us from the leaven of the Babylonian religious profiteering. We all must pray for the gift of discernment so we will be able to rightly divide truth from error. If we cannot bring ourselves to judge our own house, then how can we ever entertain the thought of judging the world and even the angels themselves?

So it is, God is arresting us and putting us under house arrest until we are able to speak only life and do those righteous acts of God. Our vision is too short! We must see the end from the beginning and look into the ages to come so we can have a perspective for the now. If someone doesn’t know where they are in the here and now, and they don’t know where their destination is to be in the future, then they are truly lost and resigned to being trapped in their present state. Right now, we are in a very critical time in the Father’s plan for creation. The world is like a pressure cooker, building up to an exploding point. America is in need of a national awakening to the reality of Christ. Forces of darkness have pummeled the American people with psychological warfare that seeks to dumb down the values of God and family through a humanistic doctrine of destroying all aspects of faith in God. Steadily, these forces are removing the name of Jesus Christ from all aspects of the educational, political and social arenas, replacing the fact of a Supreme Being with an ego-centric figure of an all-sufficient being called man. Our children are all being held hostage in their classes to the ideology of the humanistic masterminds and are being subjected to a blurring of the lines between the sexes and the genders of male and female. I dare say, we would not have thought this would be possible 30 or 40 years ago, but here it is, staring into our face. History repeats itself in a series of cycles and we are now in a cycle of spiritual degeneration. On the surface, it all seems to be innocent and harmonious. One world faith, humanistic love of self and freedom to do away with all rules and standards, illusionary new age mindsets that present a Universal Being as an energy field that resides in us as a “higher consciousness” and so on. Meanwhile, the world is a powder keg waiting to go off!

The only hope for this world is the manifestation of the sons of God. It is through the secret initiation of coming face to face with Christ that we now know this is true. Before our initiation into the mystery of the ages, we saw the rapture as our only hope. We were taught that one day, Jesus would appear in the sky and take all the believers up into the sky to be with Him in heaven, while those that were not taken would be left on earth to go through a thousand years of tribulation. Then, Jesus would come back again and set up His kingdom over in Israel, standing on the Mt of Olives and waging war with the Anti-Christ in the battle of Armageddon. Then, He sets up His kingdom in Jerusalem and judges the world, which results in a small percentage of people given access to heaven and the majority of sinners consigned to an eternal damnation in the lake of fire to be tortured by the devil and his cohorts. Is it any wonder that even the ministries of the religious Babylonian church system don’t believe such a thing? Over the history of the systematic church system, the ministers of those literal interpretations of the scriptures have found out that they can manipulate and control their followers by these tales of horror and keep them under their rule and reign, a literal slave trade in the name of Christ. We cannot look to anyone else to cure this pestilence of corruption and greed.

This Babylonian kingdom must be brought down by those that have had their hearts circumcised and their minds renewed. It has been given to them to understand the mysteries of God’s purpose and intent concerning this fallen world. Out of the throne of God will emerge a people that have been refined seven times, perfected by the Word, set on fire with the Holy Ghost, given a New Nature, clothed upon with the Lord Jesus Christ, invested with the whole armor of God, crystallized by the brightness of His appearing, transparent as glass as they show forth the inner life that lies resident within their heart. They are not Jew nor Gentile, bond nor free, male nor female, without earthly descent or lineage, they have been reborn from above, made up of the genetic code of their Heavenly Father. All power and authority have been given to them, the Sword of the Word is in their mouth and in their right hand is the keys to the Kingdom of God. They are Alpha, the first of their kind, transfigured into the image of their Father and their elder brother, The Lord Jesus, The Christ of God. They are the tithe of the Divine Tithe, the First to follow after the Lamb of God, from the death of self on through to the Resurrection of New Life. They live in Mt Zion, the Vanguard of the precious Lamb of God. They look just like Him! They sound just like Him! They love just like Him! They are His Ambassadors and they have His authority to speak AS HIM. They are single-eyed, and single-minded, without schism or duality. Judgment is in them to bring an end to the reign of darkness and fear. They are Priest-Warriors, Mighty Men of Valor, Champions of the Faith, Conquerors and Overcomers, they are the Death of death. They are the living and breathing Feast of Tabernacles, having been infused with the substance of their Father, intertwined with His essence, filled through and through with His glorious Self. There are no shadows within them, no resistance or hesitation of doing God’s will, for they have no will of their own. They are Saviors, living sacrifices for the service of their King, loving not their own lives, they live solely for the glory of God. They are a living plague of Life, an infestation of glory that will act as an epidemic of wellness and wholeness, eradicating all disease and corruption found in mankind. They have the power to exchange life for death, light for darkness, joy for mourning, peace for confusion, health for sickness. It is given unto them to bring down every throne and dominion that exalts itself against the rule and reign of Christ. At their rising, kings will come and throw their crowns at their feet and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. They are an endless supply of living water for a thirsty land, bread for the hungry, refuge for the oppressed, defenders of the helpless, Day-Breakers, Walls of Salvation, Gates of Praise, the City of God. They are repairers of the breach, restorers of the paths to dwell in, Priests of the Most High God, Deliverers of Zion, God’s right arm of Salvation. They are Lions of God and at the sound of their roar the elements will burn with a fervent heat and hell with give up its dead. They are the Seventh Angel, the Seventh Trumpet, Messengers that sound the certain sound that will awaken the dead in Christ. They are the catalysts of God, agents of change, instigators of New Beginnings. They turn curses into blessings, closing the doors of oppression and opening doors of liberation. They are all of this and MORE! If you ever wondered who you were and what you were called to do in the Day of the Lord, please read this and know that this is what we are becoming, to the glory of God!

I pray the Lord will raise our heads and allow us to see the full scope of His desire and intent for us. Surely you can see how expedient it is for the dealings of God to be upon us and for us to be a willing vessel for those dealing to work their awesome and curious work within us. God is for us and not against us, but He is absolutely set against those elements of death embedded within our being that would hold us prisoners to that corrupted state and condition. Inside of your being, there is more for you than against you! So much of God’s substance and presence is still hidden within and unknown by His people. We must have a catalytic encounter with God, a supernatural experience of His life and glory. Most people don’t have a clue about what I just wrote. They think they can continue to go through the half-hearted motions of being lukewarm in their relationship with the Father. Dear brother, dear sister, please know that there is a realm in God that is destined for us to come into full knowledge about that will transform our being. I cannot help but declare to you that we must remove all weights from us as we run into this glory! I pray our unbelief will be turned into a KNOWING of these eternal dimensions of the workings of God and that we will be made willing in the Day of His power. Let us cast off our pride and dignity and give ourselves wholly over to the potter’s wheel and allow the Potter to form us and then to fire us in the oven of His fiery substance until there is no longer the taste of clay in our being. Oh, to be an instrument in the hands of our Lord!  To be the trump through which His breath flows with a clear and beautiful sound coming forth to His beloved creation. Let there be no clanking cymbal or tinkling brass within us, oh my God, but make us an instrument of your choosing!

I pray the Lord will give us the humble heart of a servant in the service of his King. To be a servant of the Lord is not to be a robot that just goes through the motions of obedience, but a true servant of God is to be fulfilled in every way by doing His will. Nothing brings us greater joy than to be His hand stretched out, His voice heard in the land, His cup of communion, His heart beat for His creation. Let us serve you, Lord! Strip from us our garments of self-righteousness, take from us our titles of religiosity, remove from us our masks that we wear to hide our own fractured identity, give us your Truth and let us be Truthful in every way! Let the House of the Lord be established in the tops of the mountains, make us willing to visit the widow and the fatherless and feed the hungry and clothe the naked. For most people, this is a literal feeding and clothing, but for me it goes far beyond giving some money to a charity or a person with a sign beside the road. This is a much deeper and costlier sacrifice than silver or gold, this is a life spent before the face of God, seeking after Him, searching Him out, knocking at the door of utterance, requesting His guidance to usher us into a deeper commitment to be poured out like wine upon His altar to be His living bread for the hungry. So many today are afflicted and weary. Let us not turn our heads from our loved ones, Oh God, but may we yield and surrender to your spirit until the Word of Life speaks through your willing vessels.

We don’t need prophets of merchandise today, prophesying out of their own hearts to gain favor and popularity. We don’t need Pastors that eat the offerings of the Lord and refuse to visit the people with the visitation of the presence of God. We need to see a New Servant-Priesthood rise up that will do only those things the spirit tells them to do. We are the extension of the Hand of the Lord, reaching out to His creation. The Priesthood is to be yielded to the direction of the spirit, ministering when and where He leads them. We need to throw out our canned sermons, religious rituals, programmed worship services and let the Lord visit us with a fresh presence! Let the Lord do something new in your midst and see what the Lord can do. All He wants is a yielded people who are seeking Him with all their heart. We all fear the unknown and most of us don’t like being out of control, even when it comes to our ministry to the saints. We put God in a box and we minister out of a long, worn out rut of years of tradition. It is time to let go and let God arise! The people are starving for this Bread of Life and the Lord is going to make sure they are brought in to a land of milk and honey. If this present ministry does not yield to that fact then the Lord will raise up new shepherds that will!

We are hungry for you, Lord! We are panting after your living waters, desperate for your Divine touch. Our heart cries out for you. Our trust is in you, only you, Lord. Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we will trust in our God! See our heart and know that we are surrendered to your will and instruction. You have kept us through the fire and the flood, yea, even when we were at death’s door, your love and grace brought us through. You have healed us, restored us, renewed us by your transfiguring power. Surely you will finish that which you have begun, Oh great Redeemer! Help our weakness and strengthen our feeble spirits. In your purging fires we feel our will melting away, revealing your abiding purpose and destiny for our lives. We are your people, your children, the offspring of your loins. Our hearts are fixed upon you, Lord. You will not leave us naked and undone, for your love for us is a true love that will make us whole again.

Take courage saints of the Lord! Don’t despair over your present circumstances, the Lord is ever mindful and is a present help in the time of need. Great things are at hand and though the trials of this life can bring us great challenges to our faith, it is only for a little while, then the breakthrough and the ascension of victory! We are in this together, you and I. We are one Body, living by one Spirit, joined together by one Faith. We are intrinsically connected together in Christ, bone to bone, spirit to spirit, heart to heart. Give Him glory and arise and shine, Oh child of God, this is your Day of Jubilee!

 To be continued…

 Written by Robert D Torango


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